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DuProcess® Press Release
DuProcess Court Management Overview
DuProcess Recording Overview

DuProcess® Court Case Management and Recording System is a fully functional, process-oriented software application developed specifically for courts and recording offices.

DuProcess® is designed to capture significant data related to managing court cases and official records from their initiation through post disposition.

Courts focus on processing cases through the judicial system. Whether those are criminal cases initiated from an arrest or civil cases initiated by an individual, the primary responsibility of the court is to ensure cases move through the judicial system in a timely, efficient manner.

As cases move through the system, a variety of activity occurs (charges are filed, arrests are made, events are scheduled, notices are generated and sent to participants, fines are imposed, fees and fines are collected and disbursed, etc.) and that’s where DuProcess® becomes a valuable solution.

Recordings and official records need to be validated in a timely manner. Whether the documents are delivered by traditional methods or e-recorded, DuProcess® integrated with Grooper® extracts and indexes recordings efficiently and effortlessly.

Most court case management solutions lack valuable features that limit the ability of the courts to efficiently manage their cases as they move through the system.

DuProcess® was designed from the ground up working with experts in the judicial system. DuProcess® is a technology that has evolved over time to become a high productivity tool for courts in processing their court cases.

This improvement has been accomplished by constantly reviewing feedback from users, analyzing high volume activities, focusing on throughput capabilities and output. This focus on feedback and constantly looking for ways to improve the technology is the core philosophy behind DuProcess®.

The goal for every implementation of DuProcess® is to make the court successful by increasing productivity, providing better and faster access to information and improving service to the community through these activities.

Key Features and Benefits of the DuProcess® Technology Suite

BIS has built a solid reputation as a full-service information technology provider and integrator of high quality document and data management systems. Since our founding in 1986, we have continually kept pace with the ever-changing landscape.

Our solutions portfolio is one of the most diverse and trusted in the industry. Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, we offer the best technologies in the market today. The BIS team will design, develop, and install a solution that best fits your business.

To schedule a free DuProcess® demonstration or to learn more about this solution designed to make court management easier and more efficient, call a BIS Business Solutions Specialist today at 405-507-7000.

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