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Grooper Brochure

Grooper, the latest, most advanced and capable technology to hit the industry is the world’s only unified software platform that transforms documents by extracting and normalizing content and information to accelerate business insight.

Created internally by BIS’ award-winning development team, Grooper incorporates revolutionary new capabilities that rewrite the book on image processing, information classification, data capture, and information system integration. Grooper refashions machine understanding of all types of documents, providing you with unequaled access to the business information inside documents.

As the world’s only unified software platform of its type, Grooper, integrates out of the box with more than 400 document scanners and provides bidirectional document interchange with nearly 50 enterprise information management systems. With Grooper, there are no longer expensive add-ons to purchase or lengthy and costly programming fees to stand up the platform. The industry spoke and BIS is the only company to listen and respond.

Grooper vastly improves upon traditional functionality by incorporating today’s modern advancements. It was not developed using yesterday’s outdated technology. By using modern-day platforms, Grooper is an advanced business intelligence and analytics tool that gives you capabilities and decision making power like never before!

Digital Asset Processing

Grooper provides your organization with 360° visibility into your document content, regardless of its format or the platform on which it resides.

Breaking the mold of legacy document capture platforms, which tend to focus on the capture of scanned images, Grooper’s powerful classification and data extraction capabilities are extended to all forms of document content, and its reach includes all major enterprise content silos.

Grooper delivers meaningful electronic document processing and erases the line that’s existed between scanned images and digital content. Now, with Grooper, you have the ability to manage all your digital assets from one unified platform.

Universal Document Support

Grooper provides the ability to ingest, display and process electronic documents of any type.  This means that Grooper can process MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, WordPerfect documents, e-mails, text documents and AutoCAD drawings just as easily as it can process scanned images.

In fact, performing classification or data extraction on electronic documents is easier and more accurate, because Grooper uses the native written content of these documents rather than depending on OCR.

Universal Document Interchange

In another shift from industry norms, Grooper provides bi-directional document interchange with all major enterprise content silos.  Documents can be input from or exported to any of 40+ enterprise content management systems, 30+ e-mail server platforms and virtually any type of file server.

With Grooper, you can perform such tasks as:

Click here to see a graphical representation of Grooper’s 360° visibility.

With Grooper, the capabilities of computing and creating smart, usable documents for your organization are vastly better. These core functions are part of Grooper, which replaces the need for expensive add-ons for which many other manufacturers charge.

To schedule a Grooper demonstration or to request more information on ways Grooper can improve your business, contact us here.

Grooper Press Release

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Grooper General Guidelines.

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