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BIS Inks Strategic Relationship


Partnership Delivers Seamless Integration for Probate Judge Offices

Two of the nation’s leading information technology providers are partnering to deliver unprecedented solutions to Alabama probate judges.  BIS, suppliers of Grooper and DuProcess Recording, and Ingenuity, whose diverse tag and licensing solutions are widely implemented across Alabama, are teaming to offer probate judges a fully integrated system that will dramatically improve the efficiency of their offices.

“BIS and Ingenuity have complementary technologies that pair nicely to yield unparalleled benefits for probate offices,” said Jason McManus, Vice President of Advanced Technology and Solutions for BIS. “Both BIS and Ingenuity have made great inroads in the county government sector. This is a natural partnership that will deliver solutions that no other companies can match.”

“Through our partnership with BIS, our existing customers can upgrade to a completely integrated solution and we can offer new customers the opportunity to convert their entire office to new cutting-edge technology and processes” said Daniel Huggins, Applications Division Manager at Ingenuity.  “In the past, probate judges who wanted fully integrated solutions had very limited options for license and registration, imaging and land records software.  “With our new integrated solution, they have a great new alternative for upgrading their operations.”

With the new integrated solution, BIS and Ingenuity can help to streamline probate office operations, including integrating a probate judge’s cash book duties, thereby eliminating the need for separate receipt processes and manual keying of information.  This will reduce errors and the time required to perform these activities.

Since its birmingham_with-logofounding in 1986, BIS has continually kept pace with the ever-changing technology landscape. The BIS county government solutions portfolio is one of the most diverse and trusted in the industry. Built around Grooper’s automated extraction technology, DuProcess is the most advanced recording platform in the industry.  BIS is headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, with offices in nearly half a dozen North American cities, including Birmingham, Alabama.  BIS makes business better.

Ingenuity is based in Alabama and works closely with governments and companies in a variety of industries to solve complex business and technology issues, and hasingenuity-hq-front_200x1501 generated significant savings and efficiencies through their solutions.  Ingenuity offers a fully integrated, state-of-the-art licensing and registration solution for motor vehicles, boats, manufactured homes and business licenses that optimizes all processes and is the only product that is wholly incorporated  with ETAPS, OIVS, MVTRIP and ALEA’s boat application.

To schedule a demonstration to show how BIS and Ingenuity can make the citizens in your county happy, contact Alex Griffith at 228-860-6541 (agriffith@bisok.com) or Daniel Huggins at 205-263-4562 (dhuggins@teamingenuity.com).

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