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How One Agency Drastically Cut Costs and Improved Services

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In 2009, the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority began having their budget slashed by millions annually. Rather than decrease member services, they looked inward at becoming more efficient and modern.

After upgrading their data integration system, they quickly saw numerous benefits such as greatly reducing costs, actually improving member services, and providing solutions for every department.

“Practically every unit here within our agency uses Grooper on some level. It has cut down on our indexing time by 70%.”
-Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

You will learn:

  • How advanced integration freed up nearly an entire department to concentrate on higher-level work
  • Why almost 90% of departments are using Grooper for document and data integration
  • About the exciting new technology empowering fast responses to audits and legal cases

Learn how you can benefit from advanced data integration:

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