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See How the US Government is Using OCR on Millions of Pages

With an implementation of OCR and AI, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission became the first Federal agency to integrate data from millions of documents with virtually no human interaction.

digitization of government records case study
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In this case study, you will discover how the NRC achieved a 50+ million page data migration in just two years, meeting these stringent digitization of government records requirements.

You will also discover how to get:

  • Automated data collection on scanned forms
  • Accurate OCR – all documents, all words
  • No dependency on barcodes
  • Extraction up to 20 metadata elements per document
  • Extracted data compared to internal databases
  • Linking all metadata with the internal databases
  • A system to scale up to new use-cases
  • One SKU with no document conversion services requirement

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Million Microfiche & Aperture Cards


Million Scanned Forms & Documents


Manual Data Entry Effort Saved


Manual Data Entry Effort Saved

digitization of government records

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