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Big Data Case Study

oil and gas big data case study

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Has a recent acquisition provided you a truckload of lease packets?

Don’t waste time manually processing them for your digital oilfield operations.

One of the largest, publicly traded operators in the Permian had an extensive backlog of unstructured acquisition and lease records, including more than 2,000 leases related to assets in the Permian Basin and the San Juan Basin.

This represented nearly half a million pages of lease documents. The Permian operator turned to BIS to process the vast volume of unstructured data.

Within days, the operator received an SQL extraction file containing structured lease data that could be loaded directly into its land database.

In this big data case study, discover:

  • How much time they are saving in processing land data
  • Which costs are being dramatically cut
  • How they are staying one step ahead of the competition

Learn about an data integration technology that is benefitting many industries:

oil and gas big data case study

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