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Grooper Install Reduces County Court Clerk Office’s Workload

County Court Clerk Offices have an abundance of paperwork from historical case files and legal proceedings that need scanned and saved in a digital format for preservation. In order to digitally preserve these files, one County Court Clerk Office had their employees take several manual steps before these documents are legible for scanning.

This process is 100% manual classification, and 100% manual data entry.  It has taken years for them to get even a portion of this backfile scanned due to the massive staffing requirements countyClerkassociated with a manual process. All of these steps are time-consuming, tedious, and possibly leave room for errors such as over-looking stamps, information, etc.

In order to reduce this County Court Clerk Office’s workload and help eliminate such errors, Grooper was installed to replace the old manual method for scanning and indexing the backfile.

The benefits to installing Grooper into this office are:

o   Case No

o   Stamp Filed Date

o   Plaintiff(s)

o   Defendant(s)

Today, this County Court Clerk’s office is now able to scan up to 400 pages in a matter of minutes and produce clean, digital-ready documents for their historical case files and legal proceedings.

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