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Formsoft Improves Mobile Rig Inspections

Well Service and Drilling sites for Oil and Gas require servicing and inspections on a periodic basis. Many of the domestic sites utilize a Well Service Company with Mobile Service Rigs. Inspections properly done in a timely manner will produce a safer environment for both the driver and site workers. It is important not only to the company performing the service but to the land owners other personnel associated with a well site. Inspection data gathered and utilized in the proper manner will tend to expose areas, trends, and parts that put people and property as risk.

The traditional method for reporting these inspections comprised of a safety inspector with a metal clipboard and a 10 to 15 page paper report compiled of some 25 areas for inspection made upmobile rig inspections case study over 250 inspection points depending on the unit and site components. A typical site inventory will have several areas that must be inspected twice a month for safety and proper function such as: Carrier, Catline Boom and Hoist Line, Drilling Line, Traveling Block, Top Drive, Mast, Drill Pipe, Doghouse, Blowout Preventer, Water Tank, Electric Cable Tray, Engine Generator Sets, Fuel Tanks, Electric Control House, Mud Pump, Bulk Mud Components Storage, Mud Pits, Reserve Pits, Mud Gas Separator, Shale Shaker, Choke Manifold, Pipe Ramp, Pipe Racks, and Accumulator.

Once that inspection is complete, the inspector must find a fax machine and fax the 10-15 pages back to corporate or wait until he is back in the office which may take up to a week depending on his/her workload. Once the inspecting reaches headquarters or the field office, a knowledge worker must enter all the data from the inspection into the database. There are many issues that can arise from this manual method.

  1. The knowledge worker cannot read some of the data on the form
  2. The Inspector may have missed items of inspection rendering the entire inspection useless.
  3. Paper is wet or information missing or missing pages, etc…

In addition to the inherent problems with manual reports, many times there is a failure of an item that requires immediate attention or is a severe safety violation.

By using Formsoft and a rugged tablet, all of these issues are simply solved. With a 3G/4G or wifi connection the inspector is taken through the inspection form in a uniform manner forcing the inspector to fill required fields or comments. If a connection is available, the inspection information is uploaded directly to the inspection database in minutes invoking any action that is required whether it be order a part, send a technician to the site, or order a replacement unit.

In these examples, an inspector will enter the job site and all of the associated information about that site including the GPS location are automatically validated. The inspector also has the ability to sync data to his unit prior to going onsite in the event that no connection is available which the case is many times in remote areas.

By simply doing a quick site inventory of the site, the inspection form will ONLY walk the inspector through the items and components that are on site and require inspection as shown below. The inspector simply navigates through the inspection using a stylus in which any handwriting entered in the form is quick converted to text and numbers. A soft keyboard is embedded in the form as well for data entry. In some cases, voice can even be used to automatically select inspection criteria or perform data entry from voice to text. As you can see on the illustration on the next page, we provide guidance to the inspector by clicking the blue question mark next to each inspection question outlining the exact requirements for the inspection or any special instructions associated with the inspection step.

We also provide the capability to add a photograph by pointing and clicking the devices built in camera to associate a picture or diagram of the inspection step. By clicking on the picture, the inspection can annotate or make notes on the picture itself or add comments as shown below in the next illustration.

In addition to the improved performance, integrity, and capabilities of the Formsoft Mobile Rig Inspection system, data collected can now be used to expose trends with equipment or automate workflow steps by adding a workflow module and/or analytics.

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