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Grooper Consultant Training: Digital Documents and Data Integration Training

December 21 - December 23


document data integration training badgeDigital Documents and Data Integration Training

Course Overview

Many of Grooper’s document processing capabilities center around physically scanned pages. However, there is a whole world of digital document processing possible in Grooper. Digital documents have some special considerations that make them different in some ways than physical ones, from how they are imported in a usable format, to how multi-page files are handled, to how information is extracted from them and how they are exported. Furthermore, there are workflow considerations around where these documents are coming from and where they are going. Are they coming in from an email inbox? Will they ultimately end up in a shared repository, such as a Sharepoint site? Does the extracted data need to live in a database? Does the data need to be reconditioned or restructured along the way? Grooper has solutions for all these data integration questions.

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Course Goals

This course aims to educate users about how digital documents are handled within Grooper and how to improve data collection, organization, and retention with Grooper’s suite of data integration functions.  We will explore Batch Activities specifically designed for digital documents, such as Render, Content Action, and the PDF extract portion of the Recognize activity.  We will discuss Grooper’s Sparse Import functionality to determine how to efficiently import and process your documents.  Students will get hands on experience connecting Grooper to external storage platforms through the CMIS+ architecture for import and export needs as well as utilizing databases for both data lookup and export needs.

Key Concepts

  • Sparse Importing versus Full Importing
    • How linked documents function in Grooper
  • Digital Document specific Batch Activities
    • Render, Content Action, Execute, and more
  • Data Integration to improve workflow
    • Grooper’s CMIS+ architecture
    • Email monitoring
    • Database Lookups and Database Exports
  • Property Mapping
  • Processing native text files
  • Non-native file format considerations

Final Exam

  • Students will engage in a mock workflow, starting with an email import of digital documents, condition their data, and export it in an organized and usable manner to a shared storage location
  • Students will gain hands on experience using Grooper to connect to databases for lookup purposes and to export hierarchical data structures


December 21
December 23
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Remote online instructor-led training

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