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Grooper Consultant Training: Image Processing and OCR Training

January 19 - January 21


Image Processing and OCR Training

Course Overview

Scanned images present unique challenges to getting good data from documents.  In order to target that data, images must be run through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert pixels on the page into machine readable text.  Poor image quality and limitations of standard OCR processes can produce less than desirable results.

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Course Goals

This course aims to educate users on different methods available in Grooper to improve image quality through image processing and leverage Grooper’s unique approach to OCR to get the best text data from documents.  Students will gain a practical understanding of how to build image processing and OCR profiles together to improve the accuracy of standard OCR.  Furthermore, students will learn how Grooper’s image processing provides additional visual based information (such as table lines, barcodes, and checkboxes) and how to make use of it.  A workshop session will be available at the end of the course to examine documents after training content is delivered.  Students are encouraged to bring documents as well.

Key Concepts

  • Grooper’s unique Synthesis approach to getting the most out of raw OCR results
  • How image processing and OCR work together to increase accuracy from OCR engines
  • Core image processing functions in Grooper and how they relate to others
  • Utilizing layout data obtained through image processing
  • An introduction to advanced image processing concepts, including conditional image processing
  • An introduction to advanced OCR concepts, including layered OCR and other situations where multiple OCR engines can be used to get text data from a single document

Final Exam

  • Students will create image processing and OCR profiles to improve standard OCR results
    • Students will examine the differences in multiple OCR engines
    • Students will configure multiple image processing commands commonly used in Grooper (as well as some uncommon ones!)
  • Students will configure some basic data extraction using layout data obtained from image processing


January 19
January 21
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Remote online instructor-led training

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