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Grooper 2.5 Debuting Soon

OKLAHOMA CITY, JANUARY 10, 2017 – Grooper is the world’s first information processing platform and one of the most advanced business intelligence and analytics tools that turns your organization’s existing documents and data into Smart Documents, giving you capabilities and decision making power like never before!

Grooper 2.5 introduces:

Unified Content Processing

A new set of capabilities that provide organizations with 360° visibility into their document content, regardless of its format or the platform on which it resides.

Breaking the mold of legacy document capture platforms, which tend to focus on the capture of scanned images, version 2.5 extends Grooper’s powerful classification and data extraction capabilities to all forms of document content, and extends its reach to include all major enterprise content silos.

Universal Document Support

Grooper now provides the ability to ingest, display and process electronic documents of any type. This means that Grooper can process MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, WordPerfect documents, e-mails, text documents and AutoCAD drawings just as easily as it can process scanned images.

In fact, performing document classification or data extraction on electronic documents is easier and more accurate, because Grooper uses the native written content of these documents rather than depending on OCR.

Universal Document Interchange

In another shift from industry norms, Grooper provides bi-directional document interchange with all major enterprise content silos. In version 2.5, documents can be input from or exported to any of 40+ enterprise content management systems, 30+ e-mail server platforms and virtually any type of file server.

Now with Grooper’s 360° visibility, you can perform such tasks as:

  • Import electronic documents from any enterprise content management system (ECM) and perform image clean-up, reorient old scans, index and classify documents, address sensitive security issues, identify information and redact, migrate documents from one system to another, automate processes such as accounts payable and work orders.
  • Import documents from any email provider and access the information contained in your company’s existing or obsolete email server(s). Imagine being able to easily access and search emails and their attachments from previous employees and pull them into your existing content management system to help existing or future clients and customers.
  • Access files from any file system directory and filter based on size, path or filename or identify files on a network and perform tasks on them such as redacting personal identifiable information.

With the 2.5 release of Grooper, the capabilities of computing and creating smart, usable documents for your organization gets even better. These core functions become part of Grooper 2.5, which replaces the need for expensive add-ons for which many other manufacturers charge.

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