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Document Capture

There’s a lot more to doing this right than just jamming pages into a scanner.

Explore what it takes to get the most usable information from your images every time.

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Image Processing

Good OCR starts with images free of non-text artifacts.

Grooper has dozens of features that remove everything that isn’t text to ensure distraction-free OCR.

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Grooper uses multiple OCR engines in an iterative process that results in highly accurate results when capturing data.

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Document Management

Extend RULES-based ETL beyond paper documents. No matter what data capture methods you use, integrate any document and any data from any source using a unified platform.

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Document Classification

Rapidly identify, sort, and group documents based on text and visual characteristics through 3 key feature mechanisms.

Natural Language Processing

In the data capture process, Grooper reads and identifies the meaning of text by considering the overall flow of language.

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Versatile Data Integration Tools

Grooper provides no-code, point-and-click integration with the most common ECM systems, databases, and file formats.

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Host in AWS, Azure, or on prem, and take advantage of high-performance parallel processing.

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Transparent AI

Grooper Design Studio is an open cockpit for fine-tuned controls and ensures no mysteries with data extraction. There’s no black box with these data capture methods.

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