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Intelligent document processing software provides a diverse toolset of data capture methods using computer vision, machine learning, optical character recognition, and natural language processing.

Document Capture

There’s a lot more to doing this right than just jamming pages into a scanner.

Eliminate dependencies on manual scanner profiles by centrally controlling scanning hardware. Connect to over 400 different scanners using ISIS or TWAIN drivers.

Scan faster and collect more data from paper, microfiche, and aperture cards. Rapid image review workflows ensure perfectly scanned images.

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Image Processing

Good optical character recognition (OCR) needs nice clean document images.

Access over 70 built-in image processing features to make OCR and data collection on any document a breeze.

Test and view image cleanup results real-time to eliminate expensive re-processing.

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Use multiple OCR engines in a patented process to capture any data element without fragile templates.

If you’re looking for the world’s best OCR, this is it. Capturing accurate text makes document classification and data extraction workflows more powerful.

Looking for optical mark recognition for checkboxes or intelligent character recognition? You’ve come to the right place!

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Document Management

Extend RULES-based ETL beyond paper documents. With multiple data capture methods at the ready, you’ll take document data integration to a new level.

Smart file naming and metadata make data collection and discovery easy.

Integrate with cloud and local document storage solutions.

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Document Classification

Rapidly identify, sort, and group documents based on document content. Trust the results with transparent confidence results.

Save time by eliminating the need for separator sheets or manual separation.

Classify documents using machine learning, natural language processing or by visual appearance.

Natural Language Processing

One of the most important data capture methods for legal documents is natural language processing (NLP).

Trainable NLP algorithms find important clauses or other types of data making abstraction and data collection workflows more efficient.

Features like paragraph detection and lexical analysis make quick work of mortgage and lease document data integration.

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Versatile Data Integration Tools

Grooper provides no-code, point-and-click integration with the enterprise content management systems, databases, and line of business applications.

Validate and integrate captured data from structured or unstructured data sources.

Achieve deeper data integration with full control of data formatting.

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Host in AWS, Azure, or on prem, and take advantage of high-performance parallel processing.

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Transparent AI

Grooper Design Studio is an open cockpit for fine-tuned controls and ensures no mysteries with data extraction.

No black box algorithms here. Choose a data capture method, tune, test, and deliver results.

Real-time confidence scoring and weighted accuracy statistics enable rapid testing without needing a data science degree.

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