Process Every File

Freely move documents out of, into, and between different information repositories, including: File Systems, Mail Servers, FTP Sites, and CMIS-compliant ECM systems.

File Systems

Reorganize and recondition archived documents to uncover valuable dark data

ECM Repositories

Migrate data from one ECM system to another and capture more data along the way

Mail Servers

Perform email archival to reduce pressure on top-tier storage

Sparse Document Import

Rapidly process massive amounts of digital assets during a migration or import without the hassles of file copy errors, access violations, and other unmanaged I/O exceptions.


  • With sparse imports, each Grooper document starts its life as only a link back to the original file rather than a copy of the file itself.
  • As the batch moves through the steps in a process, the content is processed “in-place” from the original location, thus avoiding unnecessary file duplication.
  • Enable the use of parallel processing to perform high-speed content loading.
  • Provides monitored and (if needed) throttled data requests.

Normalize & Preserve Electronic Files

Rendering generates a PDF version of each document, providing a standards-based representation of document layout and content. Supports all major formats of electronic documents.

E-Mail Processing

Connect to virtually any email system using the IMAP protocol and gain instant access to the email body, attachments, and metadata.

  • Collect, transform, or process content plus attachments. Attachments can be rendered as a single (bundled) PDF, or as individual documents.
  • Move, import, and convert existing email stores as well as incoming email from a targeted email address.
  • Leverage IMAP queries to process only emails meeting your filter requirements like: subject line, sender, time of day, message priority, attachment size, and etc.
  • Trigger outgoing email responses for transactional confirmation.
  • Score customer support and feedback emails based on sentiment or other key characteristics.

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