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Grooper Named OK Innovation of the Year

Grooper Brings Home

Top Honors

BIS won this year’s overall award at The Journal Record’s Oklahoma Innovator of the Year event held at the Embassy Suites Downtown Medical Center in Oklahoma City.
Edmond-based BIS received the top award for its Grooper software platform. Grooper examines how users perform document-driven processes, how people perform the processes and what they do with the information within the documents, then learns from them and takes over the functions. It enhances an organization’s existing capture software by adding its industry-exclusive capabilities.

“We recognized a need in the marketplace for a completely new kind of platform that incorporates artificial intelligence with a goal of eliminating INNOVATOROTY.AWARDmanual or cumbersome document-driven business processes,” said David Annis, BIS vice president. “The unique technology offered by Grooper provides businesses with cost-effective, easy-to-deploy software that complements existing technologies they might have (such as content management systems). With Grooper, BIS did not improve on information management, the company re-engineered it and the way it works.”

After extensive field testing, BIS soft-launched Grooper in early 2015. The software platform made its formal debut last October. Grooper enhances an organization’s existing capture software by adding industry-exclusive capabilities, including dynamic machine learning, parallel processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition.

“Receiving the Innovator of the Year award is a tremendous honor, and we are so pleased to join other organizations who have been recognized for their accomplishments,” said BIS President and CEO Danny Rotelli. “This award helps validate what we have been touting about Grooper since it began changing our industry – it really makes business better.”
Robin Smith, co-founder of WeGoLook, was the keynote speaker for the event. The Oklahoma City-based company won the 2015 overall award for its custom inspection and tasking service that uses crowdsourcing technology to connect online shoppers with people who can inspect the items they are browsing online and send them a report, complete with photographs.

“The Innovator of the Year event is always exciting; it’s a high-energy, idea-filled room of creative entrepreneurs,” said Joni Brooks, president and publisher of The Journal Record. “Seeing their concepts brought to life as successful products or services is energizing; there is no shortage of great ideas or creative thinkers in Oklahoma. Together with our sponsors, we’re proud to highlight innovation and help build the entrepreneurial spirit in our state and beyond.”

The 2016 Innovator of the Year finalists came from a variety of industries, including healthcare, construction, human resources, technology, education and pharmaceuticals, just to name a few:

2016 Innovator of the Year Finalists:

Version 2.5 of Grooper is due out soon. To read about its even more advanced capabilities and how it benefits businesses, please click here.

Accepting on behalf of BIS and Grooper was David Annis, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at BIS.

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