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Grooper Chosen as One of 2020’s Top Innovations

OKLAHOMA CITY, DEC 1, 2020 – Grooper, the leading intelligent document processing and digital data integration platform is chosen as one of 2020’s top innovations by analyst firm Deep Analysis.

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“Being recognized next to long-standing software companies like Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, and Adobe really shows the power of what we’ve accomplished, says Grooper CEO Dan Rotelli. “And I have to thank our customers too, they’ve really pushed through the barriers of what used to be impossible. It’s exciting to see our vision of true document intelligence come to life in these projects.”

The Transformation: Becoming a Software Company

Asked about the story behind becoming a software company, Rotelli said “You know, we’d been in the ECM (electronic content management) space for almost three decades. We saw the rise of promising technology and got really excited about it. We implemented software on thousands of successful projects, and started noticing a scary trend.

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“Our customers needed increasing automation from unstructured data so we began building add-on software just to get by. And suddenly we realized we were on our own – innovation had completely stopped. That’s when I knew we had to make a choice – we chose to build Grooper and haven’t looked back. This journey has been amazing.”

Grooper Chosen in 2020 Innovation Index

“Grooper represents one of the more remarkable corporate and technology pivots we have seen, says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, an analyst with Deep Analysis. “A company that was well known and long established in the capture/scanning market reinvents itself as a data integration platform vendor.

“What it has done so far – and it has taken seven years of development work – it has done well. The vision and recognition of the need for a system such as Grooper that embraces rather than tries to ignore the tricky topic of unstructured information is well founded.

“Where traditional data integration platforms focus on structured data, Grooper’s approach is to recognize, capture, and analyze both structured and unstructured data in documents and forms. That is ambitious, and positions it, in theory at least, into some of the most complex data collection and integration challenges imaginable.”

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent document processing augments human understanding of unstructured data through data science tools like computer vision, optical character recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing in each stage of document data integration.

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