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How to Achieve a 50x Reduction in Admissions Data-Entry (and Reclaim your Summer)

Most university admissions departments spend summers swamped with work. Learn how a university used a single software platform to transform work. Say “goodbye” to time-consuming manual data entry and “hello” to a more profitable and stress-free summer.
Automated Transcript Processing and Reduce Manual Entry

Extracting student data from enrollment applications has traditionally been extremely time consuming. And adding to the workload is the fact that more than one information systems is involved. Oftentimes, duplicate information is entered into multiple systems to get a student ready for the fall semester.

Until now, the solution has been to hire extra staff over the summer to complete all the data entry – a significant cost considering recent decreases in enrollments.

A public university determined to reduce the cost of admissions decided to streamline data entry with a data integration platform called Grooper.

Grooper would ultimately provide a 50x reduction in time spent on student data processing workflows.

The university used Grooper to index dozens of fields from student enrollment and transcript documentation and migrate that data to relevant information management systems. Processing time decreased from 12 minutes to less than 30 seconds per student.  

A huge project that once required thousands of painstaking hours is now completed in a single afternoon.

Discover how education is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars through advanced data integration.

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