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Is Your Business Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Quickly glance through the headlines. Fires in the west. Flooding in the east. Tornadoes in the Midwest, and hurricanes spinning in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, a natural disaster can and will strike anywhere and at any time. As a business, it’s incumbent upon you to make sure you’re properly prepared when that incident does occur.

At BIS, our history can be traced to taking paper documents and helping companies protect their vital information by converting it to a safer, more secure digital format. Today we’ve grown far beyond scanning paper documents by offering our clients a full suite of ways to protect themselves in the event of a natural disaster.

In your planning, if you’re not factoring in and insuring yourself against the possibility of a natural disaster, you’re risking losing important business…and as we’ve seen all too often…closing your doors permanently because of a data loss as a result of a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. Did you know, when a natural disaster strikes, the average small business loses slightly more than $3,000 per day?

If you think a natural disaster won’t affect your operation, just take a look at the infographic below to see a list of just the major (those totaling $1 billion or more in economic costs according to NOAA) U.S. natural disaster incidents between 2010 and 2016 have impacted the economic landscape.


Look, we never want it to rain on your parade…but when it does…and statistically speaking, it will, we want you to be prepared and be one of the businesses ready to reopen once the “all-clear” signal is given.

One in three – one third of all business say they have been affected by a major incident since opening their doors…and sadly, according to statistics, a quarter of all small-to-medium sized businesses never reopen due to poor planning and preparation when a natural disaster does affect them.

This doesn’t have to happen to your business! BIS is the nation’s leading full-service information technology provider and integrator of high-quality document and data management systems. Our industry leading software solutions, back-up and recovery products, along with our team of partners who share our vision of helping clients use technology to overcome challenges (the risk of natural disasters) and improve operations (reopen within minutes in the event of a natural disaster) can help you plan, prepare, and rest easier knowing you’re ready.

We can’t predict everything…just as we can’t tell you when or where a natural disaster will occur. However, with a carefully crafted plan along with protecting your most precious assets – your company’s documents, data, and human team members, we can help see you through those times that test your business’s resolve.

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