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Microsoft Cloud and AI Integration Highlight Grooper 2.72

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 12, 2019 – BIS, creator of Grooper, the leading AI-driven data sciences platform for discovering data and transforming it into actionable information, today announced the availability of Grooper 2.72. New capabilities include integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Azure Cognitive Services, and advances in data capture.

Grooper 2.72 Release Microsoft Cloud graphic

“Grooper’s data orchestration abilities continue to differentiate it from other platforms,” said Dan Rotelli, CEO of BIS. “Combining advanced document data capture with electronic data integration gives organizations in many industries – technology, financial services, healthcare, government, oil and gas – the ability to leverage their data like never before.”

Microsoft Cloud Storage Integration

Grooper 2.72 utilizes upgraded CMIS+ framework, Microsoft Graph and Microsoft APIs to connect to all Microsoft content storage platforms, including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. Users can now search metadata or full text of files stored in the cloud or in on-premise file systems and import all or select files into Grooper for data extraction or file organization. These features enhance discovery tasks, reducing weeks of work into just minutes.

New Microsoft Exchange functionality includes automated mailbox workflows based on content analysis of email and attachments.

New Possibilities with Grooper and Azure Cognitive Services

Grooper is now an easy solution for capturing mixed media content via cloud-based natural language processing and AI services. Azure gives Grooper the power to step beyond the ability of OCR engines by recognizing text in images, such as street signs or addresses in the case of home appraisals. Grooper automates image classification in content management systems by using the Computer Vision API to examine images and produce tags describing their content.

Azure’s Recognize Text API reads handwriting, giving Grooper the ability to capture additional valuable data on transactional documents with handwriting, such as invoices or oil and gas run tickets.

Users needing occasional document language translations are using Azure’s Translator API. For those requiring a large quantity of document translations, Grooper offers a built-in multi-language support database that recognizes 268 languages.

Enhanced Data and Document Capture Abilities

Grooper 2.72 enhances data capture on multiple-font documents like checks. Grooper uses a unique multilayer OCR approach and easily captures traditional fonts, special machine fonts such as MICR or OCR-A, and handwriting.

Grooper is also now the most accurate checkbox recognition solution on the market. This capability comes from a new computer vision algorithm that improves line detection. Setting up checkbox capture is as easy as providing label names and telling Grooper which direction on the page to look for the boxes.

Data processing capabilities have been extended to rapidly process extremely large machine-generated data sources. This development is enabled by Grooper’s non-dependency on rendering and extracting data before processing.

Grooper 2.72 normalizes data from virtually any source and provides no-code, point-and-click export for CMIS, SharePoint, OneDrive, FTP, Databases, XML and JSON, and meets custom requirements through XSLT extraction and data transformations. Extraction and file format integration have never been so easy.

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