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New Machine Learning Features, Upgraded Classification Engines in Grooper Version 2.9

OKLAHOMA CITY, JULY 28, 2020 – Grooper, the leading intelligent document processing and digital data integration platform announces the release of version 2.9. Included are fourteen new capabilities that enhance machine learning, classification, separation, data integration, and reporting. 

New Machine Learning Features 

Machine learning is easier and more powerful. The new Rebuild Training features provide tuning and A/B testing using identical training sets and document training decisions.  

Integration with Box 

Built-in integration with enables file import and export, metadata mapping, data lookups, and more.  

Advanced Document Classification 

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Tackle complicated document sets with advanced classification strategies. Target documents within or across groups that are lexically dissimilar or similar with high accuracy. 

New Document Viewer 

Users can choose from multiple document renditions to build better data extractions. 

Improved Document Separation 

Document separation is now more robust and accurate due to new auto-separation logic. New page extractors separate unstructured documents. 

Enhanced Database Export 

Define multiple exports on a single export step within a single database or spanning multiple tables. Multipart database exports are simplified and SQL server-generated identity columns are supported.  

CMIS Data Lookups 

Populate and validate data fields based on queryable metadata located on CMIS objects. 

New Data Annotation Option in Data Review 

Extracted document data is now displayed at the extraction location on the document. This speeds up human data review and includes multiple configurable properties. 

Content Type Filtering 

Now users can enable classification, text extraction, and review to proceed in stages for larger more complicated projects. 

Compile Stats Feature 

The Compile Stats feature provides comprehensive statistics on classification and extraction activities to assist administrators in developing and troubleshooting advanced content models. 

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About Grooper 

Grooper was built from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience developing and delivering new technology. Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empowers organizations to extract meaningful information from paper/electronic documents and other forms of unstructured data.  

The platform combines patented and sophisticated image processing, capture technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to enrich and embed human comprehension into data. By tackling tough challenges that other systems cannot resolve, Grooper has become the foundation for many industry-first solutions in healthcare, financial services, oil and gas, education, and government. 


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