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New Partnership Expands Data-Centric Portfolio

OKLAHOMA CITY, February 10, 2020 – BIS, creator of Grooper, the leading software platform for discovering and transforming unstructured data into actionable information, announces a partnership with ImageNet Consulting, Inc., a top ten nationwide Laserfiche provider. This partnership was formed to add data integration to intelligent document workflows.

grooper partnership data-centric portfolio

Intelligent Document Classification and Data Integration

The enterprise content services market now has a new opportunity to add intelligent document classification and data integration. By using image processing to get better optical character recognition, Grooper’s machine learning algorithms will not only automatically classify documents, but extract relevant business information at the same time.

“This new level of automation helps end manual data entry while providing new sources of data. Organizations are using this data to create deeper market insights, to make more informed decisions, and to learn more about critical information workflows,” said Jason McManus, BIS’ VP of Strategic Alliances.

Enhanced Content Services

This new capability provides more meaningful, and intelligent document-based processes for the Laserfiche community. Now, both documents and the data contained within them is tightly integrated into business workflows. This increases the operating footprint for electronic content management solutions.

Expanding imaging-based workflows to include electronic content and data integration creates new opportunity. “This leverages our expertise in document and content management by helping us expand into data integration as well,” said Ramsey Oklah, ImageNet Consulting’s Director of Sales and Architecture – ECS Division. “Now we’re taking our existing document lifecycle processes to a new level – to improve overall business function through data integration.”

New Opportunities for BIS, Laserfiche, and ImageNet Consulting

“The Grooper integration with Laserfiche, and the partnership with ImageNet Consulting opens up a whole new world to us that we’ve never touched,” said McManus. “New accounts, new partnerships, and I see ImageNet carrying the Grooper flag. I’m always looking for scalable repeatable ecosystems and this new integration with Laserfiche opens up a huge market.”

To learn more about the Grooper-Laserfiche integration, contact:

Jason McManus
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About BIS

Established in 1986, BIS solves data extraction and integration problems for organizations who demand more from their data. Headquartered in Oklahoma, BIS has achieved national recognition with a software platform called Grooper. Built-in machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced classification capabilities make Grooper a powerful data sciences and data integration platform. Leveraging Grooper, BIS is achieving rapid growth through strategic partnerships and industry-first solutions in healthcare, oil and gas, education, fintech software, and government. Find more information at or


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