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Document Scanners

BIS converts your paper documents into digital images and data.
BIS has a scanner for all your needs. Our partnership with major scanner manufacturers allows us to offer you a wide range of solutions and installations. Click to view scanners below.

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Capture Software

BIS extracts document information from paper and electronic files.
BIS can set you up with a capture solution that automatically extracts information from paper or electronic forms into a digital format.

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Document Management

BIS helps you manage documents & content - effectively & affordably

The team of experts within the 4D Center at BIS will work closely with you on your document management needs such as: content search, retrieval, information control, and records management. We have created document management solutions for clients by…

  • Writing code to bridge gaps between systems.
  • Bringing document management to mobile devices.
  • Consolidating complex workflows.
  • Handling major digital conversion projects.
  • Building a robust infrastructure for a cloud-based document management solution.

These solutions, and many others, have revolutionized the way BIS clients manage information and set us apart in the industry.

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Automated Workflow

BIS replaces labor-intensive processes with digital workflows.

BIS connects people, processes and data – it’s what we do. We will take the time to learn everything about your workflow and common bottlenecks to create a more efficient workflow map for you. We will also show you how to use the self-service tools to build, test, implement and analyze your own workflows.

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Forms Processing

BIS captures & converts data from paper forms into e-forms.

BIS can help you improve your forms processing operations.

  • Grooper is an ideal forms processing solution that can pair with document scanners, to help create automated workflows. It’s ideal for companies requiring forms from customers, students, patients, etc.
  • The team within the 4D Center at BIS converts your boxes or filing cabinets full of paper, microfilm, or microfiche into preserved digital images. The 4D Center at BIS can also modernize your unstructured, dark data and make it useful to you by providing unmatched insight into your organization.

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