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Network & Connectivity

Robust infrastructures to support all systems

BIS will make sure your network drives global connectivity, remains consistently stable and runs efficiently. BIS can build from the ground up, or we can help you leverage what you already have. Contact BIS today!


Data Center Design

Solutions to boost processing & storage
Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays
Ranging from a handful of users and applications to tens of thousands, BIS provides decades of experience designing and deploying data center virtualization solutions comprising the industry’s leading products. Our expertise includes backup and recovery, big data, cloud, networking, servers and storage. Contact BIS today!


Risk Prevention & Disaster Recovery

It’s about prevention & preparedness
A technology crisis can happen at any moment. Files mysteriously disappear, viruses spread like wildfire, hardware just unexpectedly fails, etc. dr6000-screenshot-6BIS can coach you into designing the best plan for risk prevention and disaster recovery. We can deploy technologies that protect your network infrastructure and all of your information assets to prevent security breaches and data loss. BIS will also share with you various technologies and best practices that can strengthen your recoverability position. Contact BIS today!


Network & Software Virtualization

Virtualization solutions & efficient networks
BIS creates network virtualization solutions to improve computing performance. We can also build virtualization into nearly any software, allowiPowerEdge-VRTX-Rack-Viewsng users to have access to it from any device. Software virtualization improves portability across platforms, simplifies upgrades, and extends desktop and laptop life. Our extensive product portfolio includes virtualization technologies from Citrix and VMware as well as virtualization-tuned hardware from Aruba Networks, Dell and many others. Contact BIS today!


Managed IT Services

BIS Managed IT Services - Enterprise Level Support, Services, and Consulting
From lite monitoring all the way to fully managed IT services, BIS offers state-of-the-art technology to handle your IT services.  With our 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges today’s small- to medium-sized businesses face and the edge you need to beat the competition. RemoteMonitoringManagement-475x350 (Download white paper.)

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