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Consulting and Project Management

BIS will coach you with skillful direction on project management while readily sharing our entire knowledge base with you. This open exchange forms real partnerships and sets us apart from competitors that guard their “trade secrets.”

Installation and Integration

Plug and play? No, not always. We deploy some very complex systems for clients, but even the most basic systems require installation and integration expertise. When we roll out your new information management or network infrastructure solution, we’ll do so with a goal of minimizing downtime and getting your new system – and your users and administrators – up and running quickly.

We often deploy new systems to not one but two different test environments (one in our facility, and then one in yours) before pushing it live. Even following extensive testing, our integrators and technicians still don’t deliver the solution and simply walk away. During the rollout process, we confirm that the system meets the original plans. We make sure you understand all the features and functions of the system. We migrate existing data into the new system, if the solution involves data migration. We teach you how to troubleshoot, and we encourage you to call us to troubleshoot with you. We sign you up for a maintenance and support package if you want one.

Ultimately, a successful deployment is not just about what happens at the time of deployment, but what begins happening on day one. We start setting you up for success from the moment we first discuss your project. We take a holistic view of your business and your infrastructure. We get to know our way around your existing technologies, and we look beyond the technology. We learn about your users and your culture, and we discuss challenges you may face in driving user adoption. We provide suggestions to help you improve adoption, and we devise training programs for your end users and/or train-the-trainer programs for your administrators.

Data Center Planning

Data centers can range in size from a glorified closet or “server room” in a small organization to a great many industrial-scale facilities housing IT infrastructure components supporting a large enterprise – servers and racks, storage devices, backup appliances, enterprise systems, data repositories, cabling and other technologies. Regardless of the square footage it occupies, your data center likely serves as the central hub of your network infrastructure, and it plays a vital role in all data distribution, retention, regulation and recovery tasks.

That’s no small job, particularly as data volumes continue to rise, workers become even more mobile, and real-time communication and collaboration are now the norm. In fact, the sheer volume, variety and complexity of data, apps and devices – together with expectations for anytime-anywhere access – are the catalysts for the evolution of IT infrastructures, and the rationale for building more efficient and easily scalable networks. There are many things to carefully consider when designing a new data center, or expanding an existing one.

We can help you plan for both efficiency and scalability, now and well into the future, by …

  • Analyzing how, when, where and how often users access network systems and data.
  • Conducting a risk assessment to identify any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
  • Developing an infrastructure roadmap based on your growth patterns and future needs.
  • Educating you about new technologies that could improve network performance.
  • Reviewing any virtualization strategies you have in place, or creating new ones.
  • Discussing the benefits of cloud services and whether or not they’re right for you.
  • Devising ways to automate your retention policies and streamline your backups.
  • Evaluating your compliance position and improving your audit and litigation readiness.
  • Creating a solid disaster recovery strategy, complete with objectives and timetables.
  • Lending our knowledge and guidance on all things technology-related.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, and our expert consultants can certainly provide it. In addition to our strategic consulting services, we can also help you deploy robust and reliable data center technologies that support consistent, cross-platform availability of all systems and data for all users at all times. We invite you to learn more about our IT infrastructure solutions.

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