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Accounts Payable

We work with Accounts Payable Departments to help streamline invoice processing, automate AP workflows, accelerate approvals to capture early payment discounts, reduce manual keying, link invoices to purchase orders, increase operational visibility, and improve vendor services while building the IT infrastructures that support these solutions.

What Clients Say About Our Accounts Payable Solutions …

“We receive invoices from more than 85,000 different vendors across the country, with about 150 new vendors being added every week. BIS provided us with an information capture solution that handles digital invoices as well as paper invoices in every different size, type, color and condition imaginable.”

“I wasn’t aware that data from invoices could be captured, auto-indexed and imported into a payment processing system, while retaining a high degree of accuracy. Initially, I didn’t quite believe it. Then, I discovered that the index fields in the imaging system could be set up to match the fields used for paying invoices out of our AP system. At that moment, I realized we could do more than just eliminate paper retrieval. We could save money on labor costs by greatly reducing our reliance on manual data entry.”

“Prior to deploying the BIS solution, we were storing invoices in boxes offsite, batched by date. When an auditor from one of our vendors requested a copy of an invoice, we had to recall the box, find the invoice and make a copy of it. If the auditor requested invoices spanning several years, it was a nightmare.”

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