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Trying to compete in the banking industry that’s becoming increasingly more mobile? Well, if you’re a bank trying to integrate countless channels and automate services, BIS has a proven track record of helping banks transform to a digital age, accelerate workflows and reduce costs.

BIS understands that banks are typically paper-centric environments, that’s why our award-winning solutions help alleviate your financial institution’s dependence on paper – whether those are applications, statements, loan documents…even checks.

From complete data center redesigns with the highest levels of security and flexible storage options, BIS’s sophisticated IT infrastructures are designed for tomorrow’s whose customer’s are conducting their financial transactions from the remotest locations.

 What Our Banking Clients Say …

Real Estate Mortgage Approved Loan Document With Pen And House Keys

“Our new check scanning operation is very smooth, and we are pleased with the high speeds and ease of operating the scanners that BIS procured and deployed – and now support and maintain –for us.”

“BIS really made us rethink our storage space problem. By setting time limits on transactional images, performing backups and removing old files, we are constantly buying back our storage space. The new and valuable ways that BIS taught us to manage our data have given us lots of room to grow.”

“Microfilm has become outdated and invalid. We could no longer use – or afford to use – our antiquated microfilm-based systems and processes. We’re confident that our investment in an innovative microfilm replacement solution from BIS will meet our information management needs for many years to come.”

“BIS has helped us truncate paper and build a robust and reliable IT infrastructure.”

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