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COVID 19 Form Vaccination Consent Processing – Click image to enlarge

We understand how difficult it is to process the vast number of fields on Rapid Screening Results, CDC forms, and COVID vaccination consent forms. And more importantly – that timeliness is imperative to health and safety.

You’ve done so much work to get patients screened. Let us help with forms processing.

With over 30 years experience processing federal, state, and local government forms, we have the experience to deliver immediate results.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Digital / lock box services
  • Optical character recognition, handwriting
  • Low-quality scans, faxes, email
  • Near real-time results
  • Capacity for hundreds of thousands of forms per day

Don’t Waste Valuable Time Manually Processing COVID 19 Forms

As a trusted forms processor for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, we’re a U.S.-based company fully equipped to rapidly extract data from your local government COVID testing forms, rapid screening and health forms, CDC Person Under Investigation, Case Reports, and vaccination consent forms.

If you’re looking for a solution to extract data from COVID 19 forms and input the data into spreadsheets or your health records system, choose a proven solution that delivers results immediately.

After all, the last thing you need right now is to start another new project.

  • Convert PDF forms to Excel or CSV
  • Electronic workflows
  • Optical mark recognition
  • Integrate external data
  • PDF form recognition

Contact us for HL7 Interoperability

COVID 19 forms are not the only healthcare data we work with. We have years of experience helping enterprise healthcare systems navigate the complexity of sharing information with outside entities and remain in sync using common file formats.

As a result, no matter the standard or form you are using, our tools and solutions will help you interpret and use any healthcare data.

After all, great patient care rests on all of us working as one to quickly process patient information. This effort is saving lives.


  • “Grooper has saved OSU hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ROI was seen in less than six months after going live. This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. It’s now in virtually every department including our president’s office.”

    Erin Girton, Database Administrator/Content Management & Capture Administrator, Oklahoma State University
  • “Grooper will give us the access to more contract data than ever before by quickly extracting the data across thousands of lengthy contracts, allowing employees to spend time on value-adding data analysis rather than extraction.”

    Glena Brauer, Supervisor – Marketing Contracts and Compliance, Chesapeake Energy
  • “Grooper allows my staff to process ten times more volume than we could with our previous image capture solution; our office thinks Grooper is worth its weight in gold.”

    Marie Ramsey-Hirst, Court Clerk, Canadian County

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