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BIS We Understand Credit Unions

When you’re there for your members and your community, like today’s credit unions, it helps to partner with a technology company that understands the trust people put in you…a company that can give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your members’ information and their accounts are secure. They’ve given you their trust, and you need a company that ensures every issue to prevent an information catastrophe has been addressed.Credit Union

At BIS, we know credit unions. That’s why we’ve designed a suite of solutions to give your members confidence and help you achieve your goal of being a responsible guardian of your credit union’s information.

Information technology should be an asset to your credit union. Our approach at BIS is to become a trusted advisor and thoughtfully look at ways our services add value to your credit union, turning your IT into a competitive advantage to help you:

Credit Union2When you partner with BIS, we make it our top priority to see to it that your members come first. Our support team works with you to safeguard against breaches and hacks…so you never receive that midnight phone call telling you your data has been compromised…and wondering how you’re going to tell you members.

BIS’ sophisticated IT infrastructures are designed for tomorrow’s credit unions whose members are conducting their financial transactions from the remotest locations.

If you’re ready to assess the needs of your credit union – no matter how comprehensive – rely on BIS…at BIS, we make business better.

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