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It’s safe to say education has changed – fast! From computer-based learning environments to decreasing the volume of paper students and school officials use, the world of education is transforming into the digital age.

At BIS, we work with the world’s leading companies like Dell, EMC, Panasonic, Barracuda and others, plus BIS’s own line-up of solutions, including Grooper, to help K-12 and higher education meet the demands of today’s classroom and empower educators at every level.

BIS has solutions that fit tomorrow’s schools – today:

Learning is about being inspired. Through our strong relationships, we collaborate with colleges, universities and K-12 districts across the United States to deliver the most powerful education solutions anywhere – allowing you to inspire the minds of tomorrow’s great citizens.

What Our Education Clients Say…

laptops-lecture[1]“Productivity improvement tips, amazing technology, great people. There are just so many benefits that came from working with BIS. Their commitment to quality and on-time delivery, and to our success, was evident from the first time we sat down to discuss our project. District administration is very pleased.”

“It’s always great to work with the people at BIS. They offer the best solutions for our IT needs.”

“A great partnership! The entire team at BIS is very knowledgeable and friendly. They always listen to our ideas and help us find more efficient ways of doing things.”

“BIS scanned 1.7 million documents for us in just 25 days. We were extremely pleased with the entire operation, the professionalism of the team, and the efficiency in which the scanning was completed.”

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Grooper for Colleges and Universities

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