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Human Resources

We create digital processes, employee self-service tools, information governance and the secure IT infrastructure needed to support your Human Resources operations. We help your office’s paper reduction with automated workflows for new employee onboarding, benefits administration, PTO requests, performance reviews, and more!

What Clients Say About Our Human Resources Solutions …

“Our human resources department is one of the most paper-driven departments in this company. Every single process begins with one or more forms, and we’ve been buried in forms and documents for as long as I can remember. BIS built an imaging and workflow solution for us. It speeds up processes, reduces the occurrence of workflow bottlenecks, and improves the service my team provides to all employees.”

“We were so tired of losing documents. We really had no centralized system to manage our HR data, and now we do, thanks to BIS. And it’s not just HR that BIS helped; other departments use similar systems.”

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