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Manufacturing & Distributing

In manufacturing and distribution, BIS understands it’s about streamlining your operation, increasing efficiency and maximizing production and up-time.

At BIS, we have solutions for manufacturing and distributing that address just those needs and help you increase your bottom line results:image1

ShippingBIS has a full-line of manufacturing and distribution solutions designed to help you compete in today’s global markets. We help your competitive edge by incorporating cost efficiencies into the latest technology solutions. We save you time, money, consolidate your efforts and help you eliminate costly errors.

What Our Manufacturing & Distribution Clients Say …

“We’ve always had logistical challenges with our IT infrastructure. Our manufacturing facility houses large equipment, and we’ve worked the massive web of network cabling and components around the machinery. The wireless framework BIS designed and deployed for us circumvents these challenges.”

“BIS implemented a data storage platform with built-in redundancy. Data loss is no longer a problem.”

“We replaced our paper-based inspection forms with e-forms in FormSoft. We’re so happy with the way FormSoft has transformed our inspection process that we’ve already reengaged BIS for more projects.”

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