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Oil & Gas

Collect and capture exploration, production and inspection details in real time using e-forms loaded onto tablets from the field. Modernize input management systems, secure all land records, well logs, and implement records lifecycle management processes. Be audit-ready and increase workforce mobility with an IT infrastructure purpose-built to be friction-free and mobile-first.

What Our Oil and Gas Clients Say …

“Our inspectors used FormSoft to complete 17,000+ forms in the first six months following deployment. That number is F5_oil_pipeline_workers_midindicative of our typical run rate – several thousand forms a month. Of course, we knew that volume going into this project, which is why we knew we needed a solution that could keep up. The biggest bangs for our buck with FormSoft are the process efficiencies and the accuracy of our records.”

“The automated workflows BIS designed for us have reduced processing time and improved service.”

“We’ve gained a great partner in BIS. We know we’re a demanding client, and yet, they’ve delivered on every request we’ve had. They’ve worked hard not only to understand our intricate processes, but also to improve them. And they’re so responsive and always available when we need them, even on weekends. This project has been a huge success, and we anticipate similar successes with other BIS projects.”

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