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At BIS, we know that you want to have the fastest student onboarding times in the state. In order to do that, you need to process transcripts faster.

The problem is that you are constantly behind due to manual data entry, and getting constantly interrupted due to lack of communication along with an outdated system. Which makes you feel like you are pushing a heavy boulder up a large hill semester after semester…

Are You Sick of:

  • Losing new students to that university down the road
  • Spending countless hours manually articulating transcripts every semester
  • Processing transcripts and sending acceptance letters becoming even more delayed
  • The “we’ve been doing it this way for 30 years” mentality keeping you stuck in the status quo
  • Seeing enrollment numbers decline year after year

We believe you deserve a much better system. It just should not be so hard to quickly and reliably articulate incoming student transcripts.

How Can Transcript Processing Software Benefit You?

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With Automated Transcript Processing, your team becomes the one that other schools look up to for solutions and technology. But that is not all.

Advantages of using Automated Transcript Processing:

  • Daily data entry is cut from many hours to ten minutes
  • Watch your student enrollment numbers start to climb
  • The upcoming semester does not stress out you or your team
  • Respond to applications faster than other universities
  • Bring your antiquated processes into the 21st century
  • Lower student onboarding costs

We are the Expert at
Student Transcript Process Automation

We understand how tedious and time-consuming it can be to hand-key thousands of complex documents. The format of transcripts in particular makes articulation challenging and time-consuming for registrar’s offices.

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Which is why we built Grooper, our AI powered platform that will help you revolutionize your entire onboarding process, so you will be the first to respond to prospective students.

Three Decades of Transcript Processing Experience

We have been working with universities for more than thirty-six years. We have helped them automate their complex student onboarding processes, resulting in thousands of transcripts processed, countless hours saved, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lowered costs across multiple departments.

We specialize in solving the toughest document data problems, so you can focus on delivering the best student experience possible.

“Grooper has saved OSU hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ROI was seen in less than six months after going live.

“This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. It’s now in virtually every department including our president’s office.”

– Erin Girton

Database Administrator / Content Management and Capture Administrator
– Oklahoma State University

How Do You Automate Transcript Processing?

No matter how complex or simple, international or US, paper or electronic, Grooper transcript processing software has the solutions and technology for every situation. Here is how we do it – in three simple steps:


We consult with your office to understand your processes, systems, and unique challenges, and to identify opportunities for automation.


We follow an agreed-upon, clearly defined roadmap to automate your transcript processing and start outputting data to your student information system.


You stop feeling like you are pushing a boulder up a hill, start to save time during the onboarding process, and see your enrollment numbers start to climb.

So contact us and send us some of your problem transcripts today!

Or take a look at our case study that shows how we can automate transcript processing to save you time and start increasing student acceptance numbers.

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What is Transcript Processing?

sample transcript
This is a sample of a transcript and all of the data on it that has to be processed.

Transcript Processing describes the system that a university or college uses to understand what is on a student’s transcript from a previous university or high school. The process is usually performed by a college’s admissions department and traditionally has involved large amounts of manual data entry to get data off of transcripts into a student information system (SIS).

The data that a university needs in their systems include a prospective student’s include, but are not limited to:

  • Full name
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Grade scores in tough courses, like college prep courses
  • Standardized admission test scores, like SAT or ACT
  • Grade scores in all tough courses
  • Class rank (sometimes)

Once a transcript is processed and all data has been ingested in a higher institution’s student information systems, admissions staff can determine whether a student meets minimum qualifications to enroll and study at their school.

When that decision has been made, the school sends either a letter of acceptance or letter of rejection to the prospective student.

How Does Automation Improve Transcript Processing?

By using modern document processing technologies, all student data from paper and electronic transcripts can be recognized, extracted and imported into university information systems. The only manual work left to do is checking any areas that the document processing system flag for possible problems, like grade points.

Faster Student Onboarding = Higher Enrollment, Happier Employees, Huge Cost and Time Savings

Many times, universities scan and capture student applications into their systems to pre-accept students. Then they have to also manually enter the same information again into their SIS system. This can include hiring students to manually index thousands of files, which can take all summer to complete.

But by automating all slow and painstaking manual data entry with a solution like Grooper, over 95% of time can be saved in processing each transcript. Grooper is also being used to transfer the same files from a CRM data system into their SIS.

OSU officials estimated it took 12 minutes to index one transcript, depending on the length.

Upon implementation, Grooper began capturing and indexing 50 transcripts in the same amount of time, immediately creating a more efficient process.

– Grooper Transcript Processing Case Study. Download the full case study here!

What once required months of work from many people now takes only a few hours!

Situations like this also lead to happier employees, as tons of painful data entry work (that no one likes to do) have been automated.

As transcripts can be processed days faster, this leads to acceptance letters being sent days faster. And research has shown that a student is more likely to attend the school that sends them the first acceptance letter.

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