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Decommissioning An Email Server, 1.5 Million Emails Migrated

The Opportunity Take 1.5 Million employee emails, including attachments, from a retiring and decommissioned platform and migrate them to a new, more modern one. Find, capture and classify specific transactional emails, as well as emails that contain personal identifiable information (PII). With no migration path and without a powerful processing platform, given the sheer quantity of emails, this task could

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Grooper and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Taking the Oklahoma Department of Transportation From Paper to Digital Grooper’s Million Record Debut CHECK THIS OUT When you’re a state department of transportation with paperwork spread from the panhandle to the tristate region with hundreds of employees needing access to these unique documents, you need a viable, cost-effective way to consolidate, preserve, classify and retrieve the information contained on

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Document Scanning Services Preserves Historical Records

Old Republic Title is one of the largest title insurance groups in the United States. Operating through a national network of company-owned offices, affiliates, authorized agents and approved attorneys allows them to service their customers both large and small across the county. In 2015, their office in Norman, Oklahoma, housed 400 tract books with multiple historical records of chain of

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Racing Against Time To Move Files

Saint Francis Health System Tulsa, OK CHALLENGE With a conflicting construction project about to take place at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, BIS raced against time to catalog and empty five file rooms full of medical records and move them to a medical records facility a few blocks away… IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS. SOLUTION BIS utilized a team of

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BIS Saves One Company 52 Days A Year In Lost Productivity

When you’re in the design, manufacturing and distribution of hosiery for many of the country’s leading retailers, productivity is the name of the game. With a warehouse filled with vast amounts of inventory with pickers and stockers moving product on a minute-by-minute basis, it’s important to make the most use out of each day. This year, BIS, the premier IT

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How Tablet-Toting Inspectors Conduct QA on Nuclear Power Plant Parts

Most energy company employees could tell you a thing or two about quality and safety. They know the stakes are high, they’re process-driven, and they’ve learned to embrace oversight, since it comes with the territory. One of our energy industry clients, for example, frequently plays host to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission auditors, who waltz in the door any time they

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Grooper Install Reduces County Court Clerk Office’s Workload

County Court Clerk Offices have an abundance of paperwork from historical case files and legal proceedings that need scanned and saved in a digital format for preservation. In order to digitally preserve these files, one County Court Clerk Office had their employees take several manual steps before these documents are legible for scanning. Hand tracing over legal stampings for darkening

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mobile rig inspections case study

Formsoft Improves Mobile Rig Inspections

Well Service and Drilling sites for Oil and Gas require servicing and inspections on a periodic basis. Many of the domestic sites utilize a Well Service Company with Mobile Service Rigs. Inspections properly done in a timely manner will produce a safer environment for both the driver and site workers. It is important not only to the company performing the

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