Expand Market Share and Augment Service Offering with Grooper APIs

Enterprise information archiving
Archiving and data retrieval

Augment Archiving and Data Retrieval

Enhance e-discovery, supervision, and information capture by using Grooper to integrate messaging data from email and collaboration platforms such as SharePoint and OneDrive. Support customer retention policies with records auto-classification.

Enhance analytics and business intelligence

Enhance Analytics

Offer additional data services by using Grooper’s machine learning and data classification to enhance analytics and intelligence offerings. Build in connections to external databases and software platforms to augment data discovery.

Risk management

Risk Management

Reduce risk and increase compliance for existing electronic content management systems (CMS). Grooper is pre-configured to connect to most CMS systems in use today. Process, classify, and streamline compliance workflows.

Multiple content types with grooper

Multiple Content Types

Grooper augments archiving software with extended capabilities. Process electronic files such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), image-based documents, and any type of physical media. Utilize Grooper and Cloud APIs to capture information from diverse messaging streams.

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  • “Grooper allows my staff to process ten times more volume than we could with our previous image capture solution; our office thinks Grooper is worth its weight in gold.”

    Marie Ramsey-Hirst, Court Clerk, Canadian County
  • “All of the information in some file some place is very hard to retrieve. We ought to be able to get it with the click of a button, and now we can. Using the system that Grooper provides to scan the documents and mine the data eliminates many manual processes. My belief is that in the long-term it doesn’t really cost us anything because it’s going to pay us dividends over and over again. I would be surprised if anybody has a system that’s any better than this.”

    Gary Ridley, former Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation, former Director of Oklahoma Dept of Transportation and former Director of Oklahoma Transportation Authority
  • “Space is a premium here, so being able to scan the paper that we no longer need and have that available electronically at a moment’s notice is tremendous value to us. Any time that we can offer up the information quickly and efficiently and accurately, we definitely show return on investment.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County

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Data Extraction In Action: Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in 6 Months

Slowed by expensive and tedious data workflows with its current capture system, Oklahoma State University chose Grooper. They saw a quick return on investment, modernized data applications, streamlined student record processing in many ways, and can communicate with prospective students faster.

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