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OCR (optical character recognition) provides a text-searchable version of an image-based document, like a scanned PDF. It also enables text extraction from the document right into data management systems.

The better that the OCR is, the more text is extracted, drastically cutting data entry, speeding up work, and giving you more data to make wise decisions.

However, many software use sub-par capture that doesn’t accurately recognize a high percentage of text and leaves a lot to be desired…

Why We’re the Character Recognition Expert

We sold scanners and the best OCR software for many years and were fed up with poor character recognition results. So in 2015, we decided to create our own capture software called Grooper.

The results have been the industry’s best OCR solution. When we show the power (and ease of use) of Grooper’s OCR to customers, they are consistently blown away. See why!

This white paper covers:

  • How Grooper achieves 99.91% field extraction accuracy
  • Why other capture solutions deliver results at less than half this rate
  • The on-page obstacles that cause problems for traditional OCR
  • How Grooper corrects spelling mistakes created by traditional OCR

Benefit from our decades of OCR and data capture experience! Transform your enterprise with Grooper.

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