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Why Grooper Training is Important

When I think about buying a new tool – whether it’s physical or electronic – the question I usually ask myself is, “what will I be able to do with this?”  For some tools, the answer is relatively simple: you buy a bread maker, you can make bread; when you buy a battery charger, you can charge batteries. 

But for other tools, the answer is more complicated.  If you own a table saw, for example, you can build things – but the variety and complexity of what you can build is limited by your own knowledge and the other tools in your shop.  If, in addition to the table saw, you own a whole woodshop’s worth of tools, what you can build is mostly limited by your own knowledge and abilities.

And so – continuing the woodshop analogy – after you invest in buying the tools that will allow you to build things, you’re going to invest in some training.  You might take classes in-person, buy a book, or look up tutorials online. 

You’re going to invest in something, though, that will let you take advantage of not only the individual tools in your woodshop, but will also give you the knowledge that lets you link those tools together, so you can make something as simple as a stool or as complicated as a wardrobe with mirrors and ornamentation.

Thinking about the way a woodshop works is one way of understanding what Grooper is and what it does: it’s not just one tool but a suite of tools designed to work in tandem. It’s a set of related processes that let you take control of your data, organizing it and making it portable in the ways that you choose. 

You can work with something as simple as a set of recurring invoices or as complex as millions of pages of unstructured and unsorted data – but only if you learn how to use Grooper to its full potential. 

And in order to do that – here’s another point of analogy with the woodshop – you need to learn how to use each of these tools and learn how to use them together.  This is why Grooper training is such an important part of using it: Grooper is a powerful, complex system that allows you to do many things in many different ways. 

If you don’t learn how to use Grooper’s image processing techniques, you’re not going to get the best possible results from Object Character Recognition.  If you don’t learn how to use Grooper’s advanced document classification and text extraction techniques, you’re not going to be getting the best value out of your investment, and you won’t be producing the best possible results. 

The key benefit of Grooper training is not only that it lets you do more with Grooper but that it lets you do more with your data. 

Grooper training – which teaches you how to use the component parts of Grooper and how to use those parts in tandem to do complex tasks – will let you maximize the return on your investment with Grooper, and will help you solve problems with your documents and data you may have not even been aware existed.

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