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Why Start Digitizing Documents Now Rather Than Later?

You know your business needs to store its documents in a digital format, but you’re not sure where to start. Dealing with unmanageable file systems, and a crystal-smallhuge workload to manually scan each document, puts you off before you take even the first step in streamlining how your business manages documents and images.

Modern document management software systems are far more precise than their older electronic counterparts. The reality is that digitizing documents provides a seamless, secure and portable way to both store and access all your critical business information.

You can choose between storing your digital documents on your local network, or using a cloud storage system for global accessibility. The “iron mountain” concept is quickly becoming outdated, because these facilities are just as exposed to risk as any other building. The very best security measures can’t prevent flash flooding, forest fires, or an earthquake, for example.

Here are the main reasons why it makes sense for your business to start scanning and organizing your documents digitally:

Reduce Costs

Have you ever calculated just how much paper your business consumes each year, and exactly how much that impacts your profitability? You also need to factor in paper wastage, where misprints are thrown in the trash. Your entire paper budget could be reduced to 10% of its current level, if not completely eliminated. This then leaves you with far more flexibility in your budget for improving your existing IT infrastructure, or otherwise reinvesting in your business.

Imbook-scanproved Efficiency

You can reduce the amount of time invested in managing paper documentation, while also improving your customer service capabilities. Customers might only have to wait minutes for you to find a particular file, instead of hours, or even days. There’s also the benefit that customer files can never  “go missing”.

Disaster Management

Using a digital document management system means your business won’t suffer a total data loss scenario. Having your documents stored in a cloud-based system also means your business can be back up and running in a matter of hours – even in the worst-case scenarios of a disaster striking.

More Floor Space

All those filing cabinets crowding your office floor right now can become a thing of the past. You’ll have more space for desks, or chill out areas. You might also choose to relocate to a smaller office because your current one is now almost empty. The amount of money you save here could offset your investment in a new document management system or service.


Choosing to have your documents stored in a cloud-based system gives you far more flexibility in exactly when and from where those documents are accessed. This opens you up to the possibility of using a remote workforce. If, for example, you operate a mobile sales force, this would give them access to key documents at any point in the day, anywhere in the world.

Insurance Savings

The single biggest financial cost to any business is data loss, and when it comes to paper documents this can happen all too easily. Your business should benefit from decreased insurance costs by switching over to a digital document management system.

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