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We’re soldiers fighting on the battleground of bold promises and expectations derived from conversations and curiosities surrounding AI.

We thrive in this environment. We work on amazing projects – the ones they said couldn’t be done.

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Powerful & Intelligent Data Processing

Now extract actionable information from the most challenging physical and electronic data sources – code-free and without complicated templates. The way intelligent software is supposed to work.

BIS Data Integration Solutions

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For Technology & Service Providers

Achieve deeper integration with diverse data sets quickly and cost effectively. Augment work using machine learning, natural language processing, and data integration.

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For Amplifying Analytics & BI

Analytics tools have a tough time integrating historical transactional data and information locked away in varied document types. Enable more informed decision making by augmenting your analytics platform.

BIS For Easier Data Engineering
For Easier Data Engineering

Achieve rapid results on data science projects and deliver valuable insight faster. Augment text extraction, data preparation, pattern searching and building machine learning models.

Data Processing Services
Data Processing Services

See why we’re the experts in document and data processing and scanning services. Don’t just scan to archive – scan to know!

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Become a Partner

BIS is helping technology consultants solve all kinds of complex document and data processing tasks.

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BIS Data Blog

Get great value through our discussions on business strategy. Learn more about all things data integration and cutting-edge tech.

BIS Content and Infrastructure Solutions

Information Technology – Hardware and Software
Information Technology – Hardware and Software

Benefit from 35 years of IT hardware and software experience. Check out our produce line card.

Content Services – Hardware and Software
Content Services – Hardware and Software

Conquer your data challenges — and achieve far more with your data — through best-in-class content management software.

Case Study: How They Saved Over 5,000 Hours Every Year in Data Processing and Data Discovery

See how a nation-wide credit union transformed their data workflows, quickly saving valuable time through electronic data discovery and mortgage processing. Learn how they increased member services and work efficiency.

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