Nice to Meet You!

You know how some organizations are so tightly bound that nothing great ever gets accomplished? Or the ones that dream big, but never execute? And there’s companies with all the perks, but everyone is really just a number. Well, we think we’ve got the best parts from all of them.

We’ve got the developers who think in binary, the sales folks who just won’t stop, marketing folks pushing the boundaries, and technical staff working on so many different projects Dr. Seuss would be inspired to write a new book. We have rules, policies, and regulations…

Why We’re Different

We’ve been integrating data and documents for over 30 years. Our development staff actually speak human and take time to participate in collaboration with you. We have teams of people with well-defined boundaries, but they’re cross-functional. Their common mission ensures unity of focus and limited finger pointing (if we said none, you’d know we weren’t being honest!). And both HR and legal are actually nice here!

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We have ping-pong tables, arcade games, video games, couches, regular food truck visits, and we like to get together for holidays and events. You know – all the stuff needed to relax once in a while. But the thing that really defines us is that we’re all here with a singular commitment and one big hairy audacious goal.

Our Commitment: We are committed to steady innovation driven by customers and the markets we serve.

Our BHAG: Tackle the hardest projects that deliver the most valuable, substantial, and measurable business impact.

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