Not a Typical Scanning Service

The Data Migration Center (DMC) is powered by the Grooper software platform. This provides many advantages over simple document scanning. Within Grooper is the capability to extract data from any physical media like bound books, micrographics, any size paper, and more.

The DMC Advantage

Because we scan and read virtually any physical media, we attach meaning to the digital output. We deliver clean, easy-to-read PDF versions of documents, along with the original image.

In fact, because Grooper reads document information, you now have the ability to do more with document content. For example, content can be redacted, used to create a standardized file name, exported as a text file, merged with external database information, or integrated directly into another Grooper environment or software application.

Digital Conversion

Convert your paper documents to modern digital images or electronic data. Leverage technology only found in Grooper for enhanced image processing and cleanup to gain more accurate OCR results and higher quality output images.

Extract flat data from the pages of your files, making hundreds of fields searchable. Grooper can also retrieve and migrate data from nearly any legacy system. Protect your company’s valuable data from fire, flood, tornado, and hurricane.

Micrographics Conversion

Preserve microfilm and microfiche from deteriorating by converting them into digital images that can be accessed from any computing device. Save time by locating documents digitally versus the cumbersome process of retrieval the old-fashioned way. Accelerate workflow with increased search capability, document classification, and data extraction from the body of the document.

Invoice Digital Processing

Lock box services allow organizations to never handle another paper invoice again. Mathematically validate invoices to ensure that discounts and credits are properly applied. Line item extraction allows validation on every line to identify discrepancies in quantities ordered versus charged. Match invoice data to PO system and flag irregularities.

Human Resources

Easily identify hundreds of document types contained in employee files, extract employee data, and verify accuracy by validating against your system. Redact sensitive data, such as SSN or DOB for documents that need to be shared outside of HR. Our data migration clerks are held to high confidentiality standards and receive annual HIPAA, PHI, and PII training.

Certifications and Compliance

  • HIPAA Compliance 
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance 
  • SOC II Type II 
  • PCI Compliance 
  • PRISM Privacy+ Certified 
  • Project Management Professionals (PMP) on-site 
  • Certified Information Professional (CIP) on-site 
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) on-site

Security and Information Protection

  • Secured Key Card Access 
  • Door Sensors 
  • Security Cameras 
  • Restricted Datacenter Access 
  • Motion Detecting Light System
  • Humidity-Controlled HVAC 
  • Highly Sensitive Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System 
  • Locked Storage Cage Options 
  • Device Use Policy 
  • Computer Use Policy 
  • Employee Background Checks 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Regularly scheduled pest control services 

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  • “We have records dating back to 1877 that could not be replaced. These documents must be protected to maintain the history as well as many legal requirements. Preserving these records through BIS has provided high-quality digital scans and they have restored all my sewn books to pristine condition. Grooper has preserved the integrity of our historic records and enabled me to meet my goal of providing records to the public in less than five minutes per request.”

    Butch Scipper, Chancery Clerk, Quitman County, Mississippi

  • “Space is a premium here, so being able to scan the paper that we no longer need and have that available electronically at a moment’s notice is tremendous value to us. Any time that we can offer up the information quickly and efficiently and accurately, we definitely show return on investment.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County

  • “The quality and efficiency of work and service delivered was more than we could’ve asked for. It’s always been an easy relationship.”

    Gena Cowan, HIM Manager, Mercy Hospital

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