We don’t just do the scanning for you. Or simply convert physical media / documents to digital. Even making paper text-searchable is old news for our data processing services.

Instead, we transform valuable, rare, and confidential hard-copy data it into knowledge for your organization.

Why just scan to archive when you can scan to know?

Your Do-It-All Data Processing Services

Our services are powered by our very own Grooper document processing platform. This provides many advantages over simple document scanning.

The Grooper software extracts data from a wide range of physical media including, but not limited to:

Check Out Our Data Processing Case Study!

Get an inside look at what it’s like to work with BIS. From a project’s beginning to end, see how a government agency saved 150 years worth of history.

As a result, they gave the public much greater access to records, and delivered quick return on investment.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing to BIS

Just as document scanning services are a big improvement over manual data entry, using our services are a big improvement over other document scanning services:

  • At our in-house Data Migration Center, we scan and read virtually any physical media, and we attach meaning to the digital output. We deliver the cleanest, easy-to-read PDF versions of documents, along with the original image.
  • In fact, because our Grooper software reads document information, you can now do more with document content.
  • For example, content can be redacted, used to create a standard file name, exported as a text file, or merged with external database data.
  • You can also have your data integrated into another environment or software.

See how a large government agency preserved over 15 million documents and enabled better decision making:

Data Processing Services: Common Use Cases

Digital Conversion Services Icon

Document Processing Services

Transform your large volumes of paper documents to modern digital images or data. Use tech only found in Grooper for enhanced image processing and cleanup. The results are more accurate OCR results, better output images and reduced operational costs.

Extract flat data from the pages of your files, making hundreds of fields searchable. Grooper also finds and migrates data from nearly any legacy system. Protect your valuable data from fire, flood, tornado, and hurricane.

In addition, we excel at electronic data processing. Whatever format of electronic file you have, we can easily turn it into a format you can inject into your system and easily use.

Complement Processing Software Icon

Complement a Grooper Software Purchase to go with Data Processing Services

Speed up business value to your company or government with our processing services. By outsourcing your data processing, the Data Migration Center will quickly handle your documents as you get up to speed with the Grooper platform.

  • Train Grooper with years of backlog documents
  • Free up staff to focus on day-forward processing
  • Define workflows prior to implementation for complex tasks under the watch of Grooper experts and data scientists
  • Develop new use cases without disruption
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Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion Services

Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion

Save microfilm and microfiche from falling apart by converting them into digital images. This makes them accessible from any computing device.

Save many hours of your time by locating documents digitally versus the tough process of finding data the old-fashioned way. You can also speed up workflows with increased search capability, document classification, and accurate data extraction from the body of the document.

  • Remove scratches
  • Isolate pictures and drawings
  • Auto page cropping and orientation
  • Export in any file format
Icon for Confidential Document Processing Service

Custom or Confidential Processing

Our data processing services clerks follow procedures designed to protect your data. The DMC facility uses the best and most modern safety tech to ensure your data remains private.

  • Use Grooper tech and expertise to augment existing software or services
  • Companies that sell data use the DMC to provide their customers with valuable data
  • Fast processing for a merger or acquisition
  • Proof of concept projects
  • Digitizing and extracting information from historical record archives
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Invoice Digital Processing

Our outsource and data processing services include lock box services to allow you to never handle another paper invoice again. We can quickly check invoices to ensure that discounts and credits are properly applied.

Line item extraction allows looks at every line to find discrepancies in amounts ordered versus charged. You can also match invoice data to PO system and flag irregularities.

Human Resources Document Processing Services Icon

Human Resources

We can easily find hundreds of document types in employee files, pull out employee data, and verify accuracy by checking the data against your system of record.

Redact sensitive data, such as SSN or DOB for documents that need to be shared outside of HR. In addition, DMC data migration clerks are held to high confidentiality standards. Our clerks receive annual HIPAA, PHI, and PII training.

Data Processing Services DMC Logo

About the DMC

The Data Migration Center is a state-of-the-art data processing services facility providing quick, easy, and secure digital access to physical document archives.

Secured document transportation, storage, and certified destruction options are also available with our document processing services.

PRISM Privacy+ Certified

The DMC is one of only 37 PRISM Privacy+ certified facilities and was built from the ground up to meet tough compliance requirements.

Privacy+ is a prestigious international program that allows records and data management companies to show their commitment to ensuring the privacy of data.

To achieve Privacy+ certified status, companies must set up and have a third-party audit of internal controls designed to meet control goals to preserve data privacy.

DMC Facility Security

  • Secured Key Card Access – The BIS Records Center and DMC data processing services are access-controlled with keyed locks and proximity card readers 24/7/365.  Also, every employee carries their own access card.
  • Door Sensors – A security system uses door sensors and motion sensors that are monitored by a third party.
  • Security Cameras – The document processing services area is security monitored 24/7/365 by IP high definition, 360-degree video cameras.
  • Restricted Data Center Access – Data center access is restricted to key personnel and has a two-step entry process.
  • Motion Detecting Light System – Custom motion-activated lighting ensures ample lighting for effective use of security cameras through the facility.
  • Humidity-Controlled HVAC – Humidity is electronically controlled and is consistent from floor to ceiling in all record storage areas.
  • Highly Sensitive Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System – BIS has installed a modern, state-of-the-art wet suppression pipe fire suppression system that is inspected, approved, and fully certified by the City of OKC. In addition, the piping system varies from two to six-inch pipes throughout and uses 286-degree quick response upright sprinkler heads. 
  • Locked Storage Cage Options – This is available for documents that need a higher level of security or locked down to limited staffing approved to work on, above and beyond standard building security. This option will be quoted upon request. 

Data Processing Services Personnel Security

  • Computer Use Policy – No unattended, unlocked computers are permitted. All computers are locked when users step away.
  • Employee Background Checks – All BIS employees, including DMC personnel, have nationwide criminal background checks performed before working with client documents. All employees are also required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. For projects requiring more security, fingerprinting and lengthy background checks are run. In addition, we have employees who hold Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Certifications and/or Criminal Justice Information System Security and Awareness (CJIS). 
  • Inventory Management – Upon arrival, client boxes are checked into our inventory management system and tracked through the entire process.
  • Regular Pest Control Services

Security and Compliance

BIS is committed to ensuring customer data and records are safe and protected. When you outsource your data processing with us, rigorous audits, training, and controls are in place for:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance
  • SOC II Type II
  • PCI Compliance
  • PRISM Privacy+ Certified
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How They Saved 150 Years of History with Data Processing Services

Time was running out for Sedgwick County, Kansas. Parts of the county stored their valuable historical documents in different methods, some even exposed to the elements and vermin.

The costs of storage were adding up, and as high as those were, they couldn’t compare to the possibility of losing pieces of history.

Then they began using BIS data processing services and had all documents quickly saved.


  • What unusual action did county officials take after using BIS conversion services?
  • Did Sedgwick County see a return on their investment?
  • What did our data processing cost compared to other options?
  • Also, what did county officials identified upon a tour of the BIS facilities?

Get our case study to learn more:


  • “Space is a premium here, so being able to scan the paper that we no longer need and have that available electronically at a moment’s notice is tremendous value to us. Any time that we can offer up the information quickly and efficiently and accurately, we definitely show return on investment.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County
  • “We have records dating back to 1877 that could not be replaced. These documents must be protected to maintain the history as well as many legal requirements. Preserving these records through BIS has provided high-quality digital scans and they have restored all my sewn books to pristine condition. Grooper has preserved the integrity of our historic records and enabled me to meet my goal of providing records to the public in less than five minutes per request.”

    Butch Scipper, Chancery Clerk, Quitman County, Mississippi
  • “The quality and efficiency of work and service delivered was more than we could’ve asked for. It’s always been an easy relationship.”

    Gena Cowan, HIM Manager, Mercy Hospital

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