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Whether your project involves millions of records or an insane timeline, we’ve got you. We’ve been improving document scanning services since 1986.

Centrally located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we provide:

  • Private and secure transportation for physical records from all over the United States
  • World-class scanning services on-site at your facility
  • All projects completed using Grooper Intelligent Document Processing
  • Enterprise-size projects with a minimum of 200,000 pages
large document scanning services

Or if you need to process records for better OCR, or to move data between software applications, we have a secure and compliant data infrastructure to meet stringent requirements.

Don’t let project complexity, a looming timeline, or natural disaster ruin a good day! Contact us now to start your project.

Or keep reading to discover how you can use what we’ve learned over 30+ years to your advantage.

Why Modern Scanning and Digitization is Better than Ever

Much has changed since the late ’80s when microfilm and fiche was all the rage. We surfed the waves of every document scanning technology invented, and eventually created the best document scanning software around.

secure document scanning services

New Advances in Document Scanning

Around 2010, demand for complex document data capture workflows was at an all-time high, but to get the results our customers needed, we had to code add-on modules for existing scanning software.

We imagined a world where machine reading was a reality – an OCR document scanning software that could create transferable knowledge.

Because we couldn’t give up on that dream — or on our customers — we made the biggest decision in our company’s history…

Creating the World’s Best Document Scanning Software

After 5 years of private funding – and using what we were building to solve the harder problems – we released what we believe to be the world’s most intelligent document scanning and processing software.

And we named it Grooper because the first problem it solved was automatic document classification (grouping).

Now you can understand the power behind our services.

Our document scanning services are powered the Grooper software platform. You get more than just capturing PDF images of documents. You get the experience of the United State’s best document scanning company.

How Document Scanning and Digital Storage Works

So, what type of files or documents can we scan or process for you?

We extract and integrate data from basically any physical or electronic document, including:

Here are the steps of how our document scanning services work:

document scanning service process part 1
document scanning service process part 2
  1. Prepare and pack up your documents or media files
  2. We pick up your boxes of files
  3. We securely transport your boxes back to our Data Migration Center office, which is dedicated solely to document scanning and digitization
  4. We scan your documents
  5. The digital files are converted to the format of your choosing.
  6. If you choose, we use industry-best OCR technology to recognize and extract the information from document images
  7. The digital files and extracted data are intelligently classified and organized to simplify integrating the files into your document management system
  8. The physical documents or files can be destroyed, shredded, stored on-site or returned to you.
  9. The digital files or extracted data are quickly and easily injected into your data and document systems.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Document Scanning Services Facility

Get a glimpse of our state-of-the-art scanning facility, the Data Migration Center. Learn more about this facility, including all of the safety precautions in place that ensure the most secure document scanning services.

How 25,000,000 Documents were Scanned and Data Extracted – 4 Months Ahead of Schedule

Get an inside look at what it’s like to work with BIS. From the beginning to the end of a project, see how a government agency preserved aging records and made information available electronically to workers.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation used BIS document scanning services to scan and process over 25 million records.

See What Our Clients Say About our Digitization Services:

See how our secure document scanning services helped the county government in Quitman County, Mississippi save 140 years of history.

Our services have given thousands of organizations better access to information than they ever thought possible.

We are a trusted provider for improving workflows in every industry. This includes oil and gas, healthcare, government (local, state and federal), and education.

So tell us how we can help with your scanning project! Let us imagine the possibilities together.

Benefits of BIS Document Scanning Services:

centralize document access

Immediate Access to Document Data

With document digitization, your documents will always be at your fingertips. Through your content management system or file share, you can store, share, search, and retrieve documents with anyone in your organization.

Gain exceptional enhanced visibility, connection, and access to your document data.

large document scanning services

Large Document Scanning Services

Transform huge amounts of paper to pristine digital images with enhanced image processing.

Extract info from the pages of your files. Highly accurate OCR results makes hundreds of fields searchable.

  • Large format document scanning services for blueprints and plans
  • Book scanning to save historical records
  • Protect all of your valuable data from disaster today
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Speed Up Your Acquisition Processes

Speed up time to business value by outsourcing records processing. Instead, let our document scanning experts handle the truckloads and boxes of paper.

  • Scan and extract data from hundreds or thousands of records per day
  • Free up employees to work on day-forward scanning
  • We provide secured transportation for scanning boxes of records
  • Scan to PDF and integrate critical data into your software
  • Perfect for oil and gas land records acquisition
Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion Services

Microfilm and Microfiche Processing with the Most Experienced Document Scanning Company

Convert microfilm and microfiche into pristine digital images before it’s too late.

Save time by finding documents digitally instead of loading film into a reader and manually looking for them. In addition, make workflows faster with better search ability, document classification, and accurate data extraction from documents.

In addition, gain the benefits of digital microform conversion:

  • Erase scratches
  • Isolate pictures and drawings
  • Automatic page cropping and orientation
  • Export in any file format
  • Re-order misfiled documents
  • Create indexes of documents
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Securely Store and Protect Your Documents

While your documents are at the BIS Data Migration Center office, our staff follow strict procedures designed to protect your information. We use the most modern safety tech to ensure confidentiality.

  • HIPAA-compliant document scanning services
  • Patient records
  • Top secret clearance
  • Financial statements
  • Personnel documents
  • Redact sensitive data
ODOT Document Scanning Services Case Study

How They Saved 150 Years of History with Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Imagine paperwork spread across almost 70,000 square miles of land and managing thousands of employee requests for access to these documents.

It would require a viable, cost-effective method to consolidate, preserve, classify, and electronically retrieve the information.

Well, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation was in just this spot several years ago. But they solved this problem using BIS document scanning services…

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How we scanned and captured info off of very large-sized documents
  • Exactly how our staff quickly captured complex data and made it searchable
  • How they gained advanced abilities to make better, safer and wiser decisions
  • Why they can now respond very quickly to requests from legislators

Download the case study to learn more!


  • “I sound like I’m a cheerleader for BIS, but I’m actually just a satisfied customer. I work with a lot of vendors and everybody has shortcomings, but through the entire process, we didn’t have any negative comments. We felt that we were taken care of every step of the way and our phone calls were answered, emails were responded to, we didn’t have any gray areas. Very impressive.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County
  • “Every time we had a unique scanning instance to throw at you guys, you could do it. There wasn’t anything that we could stump you with.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County
  • “Space is a premium here, so being able to scan the paper that we no longer need and have that available electronically at a moment’s notice is tremendous value to us. Any time that we can offer up the information quickly and efficiently and accurately, we definitely show return on investment.”

    Greg Gann, IT Project Manager, Sedgwick County

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