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BIS Unveils Grooper

Powerful, All-New Information Processing Platform

October 1, 2015 – BIS today unveiled an entirely new technology that radically changes the world of information processing. Grooper™, the latest, most advanced and capable technology to hit the industry is an all-new information processing platform, which revolutionizes machine understanding of document content, providing users with unparalleled access to the business information inside documents.

Grooper™ brings revolutionary new technologies and capabilities that rewrite the book on information processing. Grooper™ integrates out of the box with more than 400 document scanners and provides bi-directional document interchange with nearly 50 enterprise content management systems. Grooper™ also enhances an organization’s existing capture software by adding its industry exclusive capabilities.

Grooper™ incorporates such modern-day technologies as:

  • Parallel Processing – Grooper™ supports massively parallel batch processing operations and GPU acceleration of image processing operations.
  • Machine Learning – Grooper™ can learn to classify documents and extract data fields by observing the actions of human operators.
  • Computer Vision – Grooper™ uses technology from the field of computer vision to “see” objects such as stamps, postmarks, logos and more.
  • Pattern Recognition – Grooper™ can easily recognize and extract even the most complex 2-dimensional and hierarchical data structures, whether they span one page or 500 pages.

“We recognized a need in the marketplace for a completely new kind of platform that incorporated artificial intelligence with a goal of eliminating manual or cumbersome processes businesses were dealing with,” said David Annis, BIS vice president and chief technology officer. “Our primary goals in developing this technology were to provide businesses with cost-effective, easy to deploy software that complements all existing technologies. We didn’t improve on information management, we reengineered it and the way it works.”

As the first of its kind Information Processing Platform, Grooper reduces the costs of ownership and reduces the time it will take for users to realize the value of what a fully capable and powerful information management platform can do. The technology incorporated into Grooper is designed to increase the rate of adoption by users while reducing the risks of implementation.

Industry Firsts That Make Grooper Different:

Bidirectional CMIS Document Interchange

Rewrites the rules on how capture systems interact with content repositories. Grooper™ Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) interface allows bidirectional document interchange with any CMIS-compliant repository, and can even create Grooper™ content types automatically from content types in the repository.

Massive Parallelism

Throughout the capture, document classification and data management process, Grooper™ allows you to simultaneously perform multiple tasks, speed up workflow and enhance efficiency.

Dynamic, User-Directed Machine Learning

As users work, Grooper™ learns. There is no need for administrators to gather samples and perform manual training processes.

Shape Detection

Grooper™ uses computer vision to spot shapes as it scans giving you more classification and extraction options.

ScanOnce™ True Virtual Capture

Saves time and labor – Grooper™ stores a full-color original of your scanned document so there’s no need to rescan documents to make adjustments. You maintain nearly 100 percent of your document’s integrity.

User-Directed Image Cleanup

Allows users to enhance and perform document clean-up throughout the entire process.

Control Sheets

Smart separator sheets which control separation, classification, image processing and batch creation while the scanner is moving, eliminating time-consuming prep functions.

Advanced OCR

Multi-engine voting, iterative OCR, cell validation and character filtering provide reliable, accurate OCR results.

ESP™ Classification & Data Extraction

A completely new framework that streamlines classification and data extraction based on pattern recognition, fuzzy matching and machine learning.


A content-interactive data process that provides operators with autocomplete selections from the content of the document as they type, dramatically improving productivity.

Hierarchical Data Modeling

Grooper™ can model the structure of complex documents with a hierarchy of sections, subsections, tables and fields. A complete departure from the traditional flat list of index fields.

Integrated Redaction Capabilities

When you don’t want people seeing sensitive information, you simply tell Grooper™ and it keeps the information you tell it to – confidential.

Advanced Image Processing

Automatic page orientation, color detect, image clean-up, dynamic thresholding and other unique features eliminate the need for third-party image enhancement software.

Regardless of the industry, Grooper™ is designed to be a highly agile, capable and efficient information processing platform. To schedule a free Grooper™ demo or to learn more about this latest innovation in document capture, call a BIS Business Solutions Specialist today at 405-507-7000.

BIS has built a solid reputation as a full-service information technology provider and integrator of high quality document and data management systems. Since our founding in 1986, we have continually kept pace with the ever-changing landscape. Our solutions portfolio is one of the most diverse and trusted in the industry. Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, we offer the best technologies in the market today. At BIS, we make business better. Visit for more information. With the unveiling of Grooper™, BIS demonstrates its commitment to lead the IT industry with the best products, services and people.

Special Footnote:

BIS partnerships are rooted in a shared vision of helping clients use technology to overcome challenges and improve operations. BIS has been an award-winning EMC partner for more than a decade.

We believe so strongly in the value of the ApplicationXtender and Documentum suites that, in many ways, we built our content division around them. When it came to BIS’ newest product – Grooper – we continued the tradition of complementing the products of one of our most valued partners and Grooper is backed and supported by the EMC Brokerage Plan.

Grooper and the EMC product line:

  • Bidirectional document interchange with 40+ ECM systems, including Documentum and ApplicationXtender.
  • Easily migrate documents to Documentum/ApplicationXtender from FileNet, OpenText, Content Manager, CMOD, Alfresco, SharePoint, and many others.
  • Reprocess documents stored in repository: capture additional fields, perform image cleanup, etc.
  • Integrates directly with Hadoop and Isilion, allowing pre-processed or raw document content to be staged to HDFS for processing.
  • Supports tiered storage using XtremIO (i.e. active batches on SSD, inactive batches on magnetic).

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