Ironically, the managing oil and gas data still runs on paper.

This makes it a challenge to extract important data from land records, well files, and oilfield transactions.

And the sustained shale revolution creates an ever-increasing torrent of unstructured physical data and documents across the oil and gas value chain. Solve the paper data problem with AI acceleration – and put your people to work on more valuable projects.

Power your workflows with AI and intelligent document processing. Built from three decades of experience working with oil and gas document data, Grooper is the most agile and powerful oil and gas data integration tool available.

Save time and increase profits by using oil and gas technology to sustain momentum through boom and bust.

Accelerating Oilfield Data Management


Accuracy – Oil and Gas Domain Expertise

Grooper is the unmatched market leader in oil and gas document scanning, data extraction and OCR technology .



With Grooper digital transformation, you will enjoy 6x times more efficient document processing for select document types.


Document and Data Types

Our AI-powered data extraction supports all oil and gas documents and thousands of data elements.



Grooper has also onboarded thousands of boxes of well and land files.


Upstream Data Processing

We have processed well over a million oil and gas documents.

Extract Deep Insights from Any Data or Oil and Gas Documents

When it comes to extracting data from oil and gas land records, there is only one option – Grooper (if you only need to process land documents).

Yet oilfield data management and your unstructured data challenges expand far beyond the land department. These data challenges also include drilling, A&D, field operations, midstream, marketing, pipeline integrity management (MAOP), and accounting.

Use Grooper’s AI acceleration and domain expertise to process more digital oilfield data, such as:

  • A&D
  • Accounting
  • Drilling
  • Field Operations
  • Land and Lease
  • Invoices
  • Marketing
  • Midstream
  • Pipeline Integrity / MAOP
  • Plant and POP Statements
  • Revenue Statements
  • Run Tickets
  • Title and Curative

And with the competition’s extraction accuracy around 50%, it is no wonder oil and gas companies have settled for poor quality.

So do not settle for limited, incomplete oilfield data management. Put Grooper to the test and integrate all important data with accuracy rates up to 99% that includes zero coding and full transparency.

Keep hard-earned data in-house. With Grooper, you maintain sole ownership of your documents and data.

Because why should the competition benefit from the work you are doing?

Grooper The Competition
Lease Documents ✓*
Contracts ✓*
POP Statements
Revenue Statements
Drilling Reports
Run Tickets
Pipeline Contstruction Documents
Tax Forms
and Much More…
*Limited Provisions

Watch Our Oil and Gas Data Processing Demo!

Would it not be nice to dramatically cut the time and costs associated with processing land documents?

Learn how our software is used to process over 133,000 pages and 22,000 document types. In this demonstration, Grooper is processing lease documents.

Top Benefits for Oil and Gas Companies:

digital oilfield power up
Improve Decision-Making

With data extraction accuracy of 99%, Grooper is in a class of its own.

Drive faster, more informed oil and gas decisions with information you can rely on by leveraging digital and physical data sources for your data analytics.

Accelerate Workflows
Streamline Data Workflows

In oilfield data management, energy companies who leverage data most efficiently will thrive and weather market storms.

Grooper delivers the critical data you need to accelerate workflows, simplify data management, and end manual data entry.

Lower G&A Costs
Lower G&A Costs

Stop throwing money and people at the paper data problem and stop settling for inferior results.

Grooper does the job of an entire document processing department at a fraction of the cost while increasing processing accuracy.

Increase Agility
Increase Agility

Being knee deep in well and land files makes it difficult to move.

Grooper provides a competitive edge to acquire prime acreage faster, efficiently onboard A&D data, rapidly extract critical oil and gas lease information, and more.

Upstream and midstream companies who are not using Grooper oilfield data management are at risk. Do not let the competition or an economic downturn get in the way of all the success you have worked so hard for.

At least 90% of all generated oil and gas data is unstructured. Because of this, in the digital oil era, only those with the power to leverage a wide range of data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) and access a single source of truth will have the agility, cost efficiency, and insights to thrive.

What Do Oil and Gas Data Management Professionals Think of Grooper?

“Endless possibilities as far as collecting data for output.

“Grooper is very advantageous in acquisitions and divestitures; collecting, assignments, leases, and contracts.”
Lauri S.
“We are integrating this software into our processes to augment our analysts capabilities. So far it has been a success and we expect a 6x increase in efficiency for selected activities.

“It gives me and the other users control. It allows us to create models in a structured environment without programming, but still with precision control. The team behind it is great too.”
Kyle S.
“We have many standardized contracts in our business, and Grooper saves time to pick out the things we need to give our attention to, rather than go through pages and pages of words.”
Frances B.
“I personally have been doing hundreds of tax statements for accounting and it takes hours to do.

“Grooper will save half and even more than half of my time when it comes to data entry, lease analyst work and more. I cant wait to experience this program more fully.”
Kayl E.

Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) member.

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