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At BIS, we know that you want to make the mailroom the hero of the company. After all, you can take a day off, but the mail never does. Which can make you feel like catching up is impossible.

Are You Sick of:

  • Constantly being behind in your daily work, with no end in sight
  • Frustrated employees
  • Always looking for lost mail documents
  • The mail taking longer from the basement to the third floor than it took the mail to get from New York to LA
  • Poor mailroom environment that leads to staff shortages and even slower mail delivery

We believe you should have a better way. It just should not be so hard to get the mail where it needs to go.

Get the Many Benefits of a Mailroom Automation Solution for Your Organization

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Always be caught up – no matter where your teams are working. Never stress about incoming mail again.

Benefits of Mailroom Automation Software with Grooper:

  • Deliver vital information to remote workers
  • Never misroute another document
  • Enjoy life after 5:00 pm again
  • Vital information is available to business systems days faster
  • Fewer mailroom locations needed, and thus staff can quickly stay on top of work
  • Have easy-to-find audit trails for every piece of mail that goes through your doors.

Grooper Mailroom Automation is Your Answer

We understand that getting the mail where it needs to go is more difficult now than ever before, which is why we built Grooper, our AI-powered solution that reads your documents and directs them where they need to go.

That is why, over our thirty-year history, thousands of companies have trusted BIS to modernize and digitize their document flows, making sure they have their documents where they need them, when they need them.

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3 Easy Steps to Mailroom Automation

How does Mailroom Automation with Grooper work? Here is how we do it:


We help you identify your organization’s most valuable content.


We build your Grooper system in collaboration with our findings and your experts.


We help you route the mail as fast as it shows up, getting it to the intended recipients no matter if they are in their basements, in the office, or at the beach in Curacao.

So, contact us now! Or in the meantime, download our free ‘Cheat Sheet to Mailroom Automation Software.’

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Mailroom Automation Blogs and Demos

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Digital Mail Automation Software: 7 Key Elements

Learn about the most important technologies that make mail automation a success – or failure

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What is Digital Mailroom Automation?

Discover what digital mailroom automation is, how it works, 6 huge benefits, and learn how to make your mailroom the hero of the company.

How Does a Digital Mailroom Work?

Grooper’s digital mailroom automation uses intelligent technology to automate manual mail processes the moment it enters your organization. It then digitally routes mail to the correct department or recipient based on the rules that you specify.

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The mail is delivered to your mailroom.

how digital mailroom automation works

Then, the mail is opened and scanned via high-speed scanners.

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Next, Grooper automatically reads the mail to determine the right person or department.

how do digital mailrooms work

If a person should be the one to receive the mail document…

how a digital mailroom works

An image of the document is then routed via e-mail.

how does digital mailroom work

But if that document should be routed to a department, it is moved into the data supply chain…

how does digital mailroom routing

Where it is routed to the correct department.

Grooper intelligent document processing provides the most comprehensive, powerful, and technologically advanced solution for empowering customers to automatically identify, transform, and leverage process-ready content locked within mail documents.

Grooper processes all types of structured documents, forms, and unstructured communications that enter your organization through traditional mail, fax, e-mail, and other channels.

Once the data has been captured, all incoming mail, (regardless of type) is:

  • Classified by appearance (visual classification) and content (content classification)
  • Categorized
  • Routed to the correct people, departments, or processes in your business

The Benefits of Digital Mailroom for Workflow Automation

Support Your Employees – Anywhere:

Scale centrally managed mailroom operations across the enterprise and beyond to support stakeholders or employees, whether they office at your headquarters, a branch office, or at home.

Reduced Response Times:

Increase productivity through reduced response times and mail delivery times. Review and take action on mail documents from anywhere.

Automate the Data Supply Chain:

Convert incoming unstructured content into business-ready data for your line-of-business systems and data supply chain.

New Organization Insights:

Gain new, actionable insights and analytics into business processes and monitor critical applications for better control.

Improve Customer Satisfaction:

Significantly cut your response times to customer inquiries via rapid data processing. Automated mail classification and routing makes information available much faster to your personnel and enterprise business systems, which ensures customers are responded to in a prompt fashion.

Key Features in Grooper Mailroom Solutions

Document Classification

Grooper mailroom automation software utilizes the strongest data extraction and classification results thanks to supervised machine learning. Though documents entering a mailroom have different degrees of complexity and formats, Grooper uses a unified process for classifying documents.

Intelligent Capture for a Variety of Content

Advanced recognition technology in Grooper can capture a wide range of text types, including dozens of different languages, and even handwriting. Natural language processing (NLP) abilities with machine learning (ML) increase methods to capture and understand context, and document data field relationships in unstructured content and documents.

Rule-Based Processing

You can implement simple, consistent rules in Grooper for indexing that speed up paper and electronic document processing. This ensures that the right information is routed to your applications, people, or departments. Less friction means more efficient processing.

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