Save Valuable Time on Cleansing Data – With Intelligent Automation

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Imagine this real scenario: A pharmaceutical company acquired another company and now must cleanse data in a batch of 6,000 foreign-language documents without automation.

It would take multiple technicians weeks to complete, a foreign language expert to verify the work, and there would still be mistakes due to human error.

And imagine concern for the audit which would reveal bad or incomplete information.

Add in multiple similar acquisitions and the need for intelligent data cleansing tools becomes a requirement.

Hours to Cleanse Data and Metadata in 6,000 Documents

Grooper’s Data Cleansing Tools:

  • Saved time: Finished the job 93% faster

  • Freed up 3 technicians to work on higher-level tasks instead of spending 11 days on data cleansing and validation

  • Ensured error-free data for audits

  • Created a fast, scalable solution for future acquisitions

How Data Cleansing Tools Work



In this case, Grooper used a blend of natural language processing, computer vision and advanced OCR to find the correct data in the documents.



The data was mathematically validated and when exceptions were found, they were flagged for manual review.


Apply & Migrate

The platform then extracted the data and applied it to the document’s metadata. Using unique CMIS connectivity, all 6,000 documents were migrated with correct data into the content management system.

For cleaning or normalizing other types of data, Grooper uses many of its other data integration tools.

A Swiss Army Knife for Data Problems

Simplified data cleansing tools – extracting any information from physical or electronic documents. Normalizing data from numerous formats. In these and dozens of other data processes, Grooper is helping hundreds of companies save significant time and money.

Check out this case study where Grooper:

  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Efficiently migrated over 400,000 documents from several different locations

  • Created data solutions for many departments without writing a single line of code

Download our case study to learn more:


  • “Practically every unit here within our agency uses Grooper on some level. Grooper has cut down on our indexing time by 70 percent.”

    Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

  • “Grooper has saved OSU hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ROI was seen in less than six months after going live. This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. It’s now in virtually every department including our president’s office.”

    Erin Girton, Database Administrator/Content Management & Capture Administrator, Oklahoma State University

  • “Grooper will give us the access to more contract data than ever before by quickly extracting the data across thousands of lengthy contracts, allowing employees to spend time on value-adding data analysis rather than extraction.”

    Glena Brauer, Supervisor – Marketing Contracts and Compliance, Chesapeake Energy

  • “All of the information in some file some place is very hard to retrieve. We ought to be able to get it with the click of a button, and now we can. Using the system that Grooper provides to scan the documents and mine the data eliminates many manual processes. My belief is that in the long-term it doesn’t really cost us anything because it’s going to pay us dividends over and over again. I would be surprised if anybody has a system that’s any better than this.”

    Gary Ridley, former Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation, former Director of Oklahoma Dept of Transportation and former Director of Oklahoma Transportation Authority

  • “Grooper allows my staff to process ten times more volume than we could with our previous image capture solution; our office thinks Grooper is worth its weight in gold.”

    Marie Ramsey-Hirst, Court Clerk, Canadian County

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