Data Cleansing Tools:
Save Time & Clean the Dirtiest of Data

Save Valuable Time Cleansing Data With Intelligent Automation

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Select the right data cleansing tool to future-proof information governance and fuel automation through machine learning and intelligent workflows.

We know that accurate and labeled data is critical for business processes and analytics.

But there’s more at stake than just efficiency and compliance.

Organizations with intelligent data cleansing tools are more likely than their peers to be disruptors in their industry because they innovate more quickly.

The reason?

Data cleansing creates opportunity:

  • Improved data integration
  • Superior data migration
  • Powerful big data
  • Profound analytics

Data cleansing tools don’t have to be difficult to use.

Grooper’s built-in machine learning and natural language processing stream critical data to the data supply chain, and not just by data scientists.

Grooper’s design approach is business-centric usability, rather than code-based data cleansing.

Now bring data cleansing directly to business users.

With built-in data visualizations, Grooper makes it easier for users to understand their data and make smarter decisions.

Empower users through better master data management and information governance. Moving data quality controls closer to the source of data improves operational and transactional data quality.

Power business-driven workflows though data parsing, standardization, and cleansing.

Enjoy better versatility on data cleansing workflows by ingesting virtually any type of text-based data. Parse large text-only files and export data in the format of your choosing.

Standardize structured or unstructured data with built-in lexicons or with external database look-ups. Parse, standardize, and cleans data all within a single platform.

  • More of the connectivity you need.

Access and apply data quality rules wherever your data lives. Built-in connectivity to cloud and on-premise content management systems makes information governance much easier. Process any text-based structured or unstructured data.

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  • A powerful data curation and enrichment hub.

Combining information from internal and external sources adds value by improving the completeness of data. Achieve quicker digital transformation by exposing better data to decision-making and reporting tools.

  • Validate standard data formats.

Validate known information such as addresses with out-of-the-box address validation. Link to external data providers like the USPS. Standardize phone numbers, currency amounts, units of measure, and business-specific terminology. Create unique lexicons based on the data that’s important to you.

  • Real-time error validation workflows.

Create business rules and accuracy percentage thresholds to flag data for real-time validation. Users will spend more time working with problem data, and less time manually sorting out problems.

  • Powerful data cleansing with a modern architecture.

Built on a robust platform capable of exporting billions of data points in a single day, Grooper makes efficient use of available physical computing resources. Now you have the freedom to deploy your data cleansing tool in the cloud or on-prem.

How Data Cleansing Tools Work:



Integrate diverse data sources and use data sciences tools to parse structured and unstructured data.



Validation workflows use rules, lexicons, and external data sources to standardize data and flag errors for manual review.



Integrate complete and accurate data for master data management and information governance.

Use cases for data cleansing tools

  • Big Data and Analytics

Gain the benefits promised by big data through better correlation and interpretation of data. Now unstructured data won’t block important operational analytics.

By curating data from multiple sources, data quality and value will be drastically improved. High-performing and highly-scalable data tools make quick work of massive data projects.

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  • Data Integration

Data integration initiatives are only as successful as the quality of available data. Increasing the quantity and sources of data, achieves critical accuracy.

Data cleansing tools provide the necessary business and data-driven mechanisms to deliver high velocity data.

  • Data Migration

Save an immense amount of time during a data conversion or migration by focusing on data quality first. By identifying quality issues upfront, scaling a data migration will be the easy part.

  • Information Governance

Focusing on quality will increase the tangible value of data as an asset. While it might not put data on the books, it will certainly affect revenue in the form of managing risk and increasing compliance.

  • Master Data Management

Empower business-critical workflows by unlocking data trapped in disparate databases and software. Data cleansing tools play a big role in master data management initiatives.

  • Transactional Data

Transactional data makes up the bulk of data in industries like healthcare and finance. Achieve new operational efficiencies by placing data quality controls at the source of data.

A highly-scalable data cleansing platform will perform reliably as the velocity and volume of transactional data increases.

Imagine this real scenario: A pharmaceutical company acquired another company and now must cleanse data in a batch of 6,000 foreign-language documents without automation.

It would take many technicians weeks to complete, a foreign language expert to look at and verify the work, and there would still be mistakes due to human error.

In addition, imagine their concern that the audit might reveal bad or incomplete information.

Then, when many more similar acquisitions or mergers are made in the future, the need for smart data cleansing tools becomes even more important.

Hours to Cleanse Data and Metadata in 6,000 Documents

Grooper’s Data Tools:

  • Saved time: Finished the job 93% faster
  • Freed up 3 technicians to work on higher-level tasks instead of spending 11 days on data cleansing and checking for errors
  • Ensured error-free, clean data for audits
  • Also created a fast, scalable solution for future acquisitions

We excel at solving the toughest data problems. Tell us how we help you in your data cleansing and data science workbench projects!

So…What Can Grooper’s Data Cleaning Tools Do for You?

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Conquer your Data Problems – Download our Case Study

With our simple data cleansing tools you can extract any data from physical or electronic documents. Or you can normalize data from numerous documents types that are very different in format and in the kind of data they contain.

In these and many other types of data processes, Grooper’s data cleansing software is helping hundreds of companies save big money and time.

Download this case study to learn how Grooper data scrubbing:

  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Saved tons of extra work by easily migrating over 400,000 documents from several different locations
  • Also gave great value by creating data solutions for many departments without writing a single line of code

Improve your data quality – download our case study to learn more!


  • “Grooper has saved OSU hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ROI was seen in less than six months after going live. This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. It’s now in virtually every department including our president’s office.”

    Erin Girton, Database Administrator/Content Management & Capture Administrator, Oklahoma State University
  • “Practically every unit here within our agency uses Grooper on some level. Grooper has cut down on our indexing time by 70 percent.”

    Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • “It is a rarity that I find an application that the product can actually do all they claim it can do. I can speak to support, sales or their development team about any challenge I am encountering and they will go above and beyond to help me accomplish my goal! ”

    Sr Data Architect
  • “I can’t tell you what a huge timesaver Grooper has been for our team!”

    K Pitts, IRA Auditor
  • “I absolutely think Grooper is the most powerful product at the most pertinent time, that I’ve had to offer in my 30 years in the industry. So excited to work with you.”

    Amber S., Grooper Partner

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