Looking for a tool to leverage modern AI technologies and solve your document or data issues?

Sick and tired of solutions like Kofax, Captiva, Ephesoft, and Datacap because they can’t do the types of projects the way you want to do them?

Or in-house solutions taking too long? You aren’t alone.

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And we hear of all kinds of problems faced by technology consultants and partners:

  • I need to integrate AI technologies quickly
  • Capture solutions can’t solve my problems
  • Complex problems require complex solutions because there’s no real innovation happening
  • Solutions are frustrating to support because “professional services has to be involved in everything”
  • My maintenance revenue and margins are slowly eroding away
  • They’re struggling with automating the classification of documents
  • Separation tasks are expensive and requiring work-around scripting
  • Clients are tired of paying for add-ons to get results
  • In-house solutions aren’t delivering quickly enough

I absolutely think Grooper is the most powerful product at the most pertinent time, that I’ve had to offer in my 30 years in the industry.”

– Amber S., Grooper Software Partner

That’s why we developed the Grooper AI Accelerator.

We needed to solve complex document data processing tasks quickly, accurately, and economically. We needed a platform that would evolve and adapt to integrate new AI technologies and meet changing business outcomes.

We were the partner and integrator who became the software manufacturer. We took all the lessons learned and intellectual property we collected over 30 years and used it to create a better platform.

Check out Grooper AI-accelerated intelligent document processing and it’s many data tools!

Grooper Partner FAQ:

Who built Grooper?

A development team located in the Silicon Prairie of Oklahoma City, OK.

Is Grooper just OCR?

Grooper leverages AI and multi-layered OCR, so it performs OCR better than any other software on the market (and we can prove it!). But that’s only a small part of the functionality. Grooper handles data extraction from virtually any source – from physical media to very large text-based files.

Is Grooper a mature solution?

Grooper is a fully matured AI accelerator solution. Are we done adding to it? No. Grooper is in active development as features and functionality are added to meet customer and industry demand.

Can I meet the development team?

You certainly can! The development team is located at the BIS Oklahoma City Campus. Schedule a visit!

Can I license Grooper with my current software?

We have a team dedicated to these kinds of partnerships. Let’s talk!

What industry was Grooper built for?

Grooper was designed to extract data from physical media and electronic document sources. Grooper has since been expanded to become an AI accelerator to extract data from text and electronic files.

Is technical training available?

Yes! In fact, it’s a requirement. We have training and development staff who teach Grooper ACE and offer other training opportunities as well. More info here.

How complicated is the pricing?

Because Grooper is a unified platform, pricing is based on volume of use and complexity. Pricing for basic data integration is straightforward. Pricing for more complex integration is based on a POC to reveal core requirements.

What kind of support is available?

There are a few options for support. We have a staffed help desk for development and engineering support as well as a team dedicated for partner success.

Can I have a custom add-on developed for Grooper?

Absolutely, just reach out to your partner rep and let’s see what we can build!

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