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Automate the process of posting EOBs, so your team can reprioritize on increasing revenue.

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At BIS, we know that you would like to substantiate your position within the company by implementing technology and making your department profitable.

Does Your EOB Conversion Sound like this?

  • Facing significant delays and inefficiencies due to the time-consuming manual extraction of data, potentially hindering your overall productivity
  • Continuing to suffer from long 835 posting times, frustrated staff, posting mistakes and longer times to realize receivables
  • Increased errors and inaccuracies in processing EOBs
  • Potential compliance issues, financial losses, and negative impacts on customer satisfaction
  • Your department continuing to languish under complicated processes, and becoming a liability

Getting paper-based Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) posted is a time-consuming profit sink, complicated by thousands of intentionally convoluted formats. Which makes you feel like every day brings a new obstacle.

We believe you deserve a better way. It just shouldn’t be so hard to create an 835 from an EOB so it can be easily posted.

Here’s What Success Looks Like with Automated Paper EOB Conversion

EOB conversion

When you post EOBs to billing systems efficiently, you can say goodbye to the headaches from everyday obstacles!

Benefits of EOB Processing Software with Grooper:

EOB software

You will meet deadlines for secondary billing.

EOB processing

You will greatly reduce the time it takes to recognize receivables.

EOB payment posting

You will increase the quality and quantity of data posted, opening up opportunities for identifying areas where revenue can be increased.

EOB posting

You will streamline your EOB processing and turn your department into a profit center instead of a liability.

Why We’re the Experts at Paper EOB Conversion and Processing

We understand how difficult EOB processing is. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive in-house expertise and years of experience, enabling us to fully comprehend the challenges associated with converting EOBs to EDI 835 electronic remittance advice (ERA) files.

So we developed Grooper, our cutting-edge AI-powered solution for complex document processing, to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for handling this intricate task.

“Grooper deliverers the ability to lift data from multiple mediums (TIF, JPG, text, Word, XML, Excel, PDF, and ETC…) and transform, validate, and output data to multiple sources.

“Grooper enabled Change Healthcare to lift data from very complex client EOB/EOB print files and transform the data into payment and print files.”

EOB to 835 conversion


VP, B2B Payments

3 Easy Steps to Paper EOB Conversion

How does EOB to 835 conversion with Grooper work? Here’s your path to success:


We analyze your EOB documents, and the relative frequencies of different formats, in order to determine which EOB formats will most quickly help you profit from automation.


We put together a project plan and resources in collaboration with you, the client.

We then methodically execute the plan to begin converting your paper document EOB formats to 835 Electronic Data Interchange or other mutually agreed output.


You’re no longer overwhelmed by countless EOB variations and see a clear path to profitability through improved workflows and streamlined secondary billing.

eob to 835 converting

We know you want to see your documents and proof that a solution works.  Take the first step towards streamlined revenue management now!

Here’s how: Contact us and we will show you how easily Grooper transforms your ugliest EOBs into flawless, searchable text renditions.  Or in the meantime, take a look at our EOB processing video to see Grooper in action.

Eliminate manual data entry and posting errors!

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