Never Lose, Rename, or Move a Scanned Document Ever Again

Grooper Desktop OCR Converter is for business people who demand scanning software that works just as hard.


Any document important to your work:

  • Invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Bills of lading
  • Tax forms
  • Correspondence
  • Insurance certs
  • And more!


Automatically generate file name:

  • Document type
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Customer name
  • Policy number
  • And more!


Documents saved in folders where you work:

  • Based on content
  • Windows folders
  • Sharepoint
  • App Xtender
  • Laserfiche
  • And more!

All with the push of a scan button.


All plans include one desktop OCR license and intelligent document processing for up to 5 document types and 5 data fields.

All Plans Include:

  • Unlimited scans
  • Full text OCR
  • Rubber band OCR
  • Smart-detect names, dates, and dollar amounts
  • Barcode and control sheets
  • Scan to, SharePoint 365, Laserfiche, or ApplicationXtender
  • Image cleanup
  • Most scanners supported
  • Performance reporting

Plan Options:

  • $210 per month, 12 months prepaid
  • $168 per month, 24 months prepaid (save 20%)
  • $147 per month, 36 months prepaid (save 30%)

One-Time Set Up Pricing

$2,500 custom document and field recognition configuration using your document samples.

$500 for additional workstation license.

How Grooper Desktop OCR Converter Works:

Step 1: Insert separator sheet to identify document type (invoice, packing slip, bill of lading, etc.).

Step 2: Scan all pages using Grooper and the scanner of your choice (Grooper is your scan button).

Step 3: Open scan console and use field sense or rubber band OCR to quickly capture data fields.

Step 4: Grooper automatically names and saves files to the correct folder in your destination.

Grooper Desktop OCR Converter Enterprise Upgrades:

image to text converter ocr
  • Faster processing with unlimited OCR cores 
  • Recognize additional font types with advanced OCR software engine 
  • No-touch document classification and data extraction 
  • Dive deeper into complex data with advanced table extraction 
  • Add more than 5 workstations with premium server support 
  • Fuel cloud strategy with cloud support services 
  • Scale data projects with enterprise database support 
  • Easy, fast, and secure network scanning with a Grooper Smart Scan Kiosk 

Do You Need a Fast, Enterprise-Grade OCR Converter?

convert pdf to ocr

OCR software and tools have been around for decades. Yet, demand for better quality and increased speed is higher than ever.

If you’re here, chances are, you’re looking for something better than what you’ve tried in the past (perhaps that free online OCR didn’t perform as well as you’d like!).

The secret to better OCR results from scanned documents isn’t a better OCR engine (this is the software that converts pixels in a scanned image to text). In fact, great results are possible from most engines by pairing computer vision and image processing technology with the OCR engine.

Why Choose OCR Powered by Grooper?

Grooper logo

Grooper is a leading intelligent document processing software used by enterprise customers for challenging document-based data extraction. OCR is just one of many components within Grooper.

When you choose Grooper Desktop OCR converter, you get the power of extremely robust and automated image cleanup and pre-processing. This means that you get the best machine-encoded text PDF documents possible.

The Grooper Desktop OCR Converter is powerful enough to process millions of pages every year and works with your existing TWAIN / ISIS compatible scanner.

Free Online OCR vs Desktop OCR

While free online OCR might be good for a single document or two, there are a few things to keep in mind:

convert ocr pdf to docx
  1. Do you trust the cloud OCR provider with your data?
  2. Processing hundreds of documents every day will always be faster with a desktop OCR converter, and time is money!
  3. Cloud OCR won’t provide document intelligence (auto-naming, field extractions, etc.) – why not work smarter?

Desktop OCR will grow with you. As needs change and you discover areas for improvement, or better document automation, rest assured Grooper Desktop OCR Converter will always be there for you.

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