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with Invoice Processing Software

Helping you build the best AP team possible by eliminating manual data entry from invoice documents.

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At BIS, we know that you want to build the best AP team possible. In order to do that, you need to end manual data entry. The problem is that you have too many invoices and not enough time, which makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Are You Sick of:

  • Losing your best employees when you need them the most
  • Stressful everyday processes and painful audits
  • Putting out AP fires every day
  • Missing early payment discounts
  • Lost or mis-placed invoices
  • Bad relationships and decreased credit limits with vendors or suppliers

We believe you deserve a better way. It is just wrong to have so much to do and not enough hours to do them.

The Benefits of AI-Accelerated Invoice Data Automation
Can Be Felt Immediately

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Imagine this: you will finally experience the end of the month as just another day.

Benefits of Invoice Processing Software with Grooper AI Acceleration:

  • You and your team never miss another meaningful moment at home again
  • Delight your vendors and impress your bosses
  • Team members are freed up to work on higher-value projects rather than data entry
  • Improve and streamline invoice approval workflows without the inefficiencies of paper
  • Gain much more visibility into spending and give your employees the ability to check invoice statuses much easier
  • A fraction of the errors
  • Improve relationships with vendors
  • Avoid all late payments, and get more early payment discounts
  • Software that can eliminate data entry organization-wide, not just in Accounts Payable

Grooper Invoice Processing Automation
is Your Answer

We understand how tiring it can feel to be buried under invoices, which is why we built Grooper – our AI accelerator solution that reads your invoices and populates your accounting system with accurate data.

It is also why hundreds of companies have used Grooper to processing millions of invoices with minimal human effort and a fraction of the errors. But do not just take our word for it:

“Our largest healthcare customer processes 2,000 invoices a day, and they had 75 AP clerks who were doing data entry into PeopleSoft.

“Last year, we implemented a Grooper process where we automatically ingest the invoices from an email, classify them, then extract the data. We also do all of the validations for their PeopleSoft system. The number of people went from 75 down to 14.”

“Previously, with the last product that we used to resell, setting up that accounts payable system for the healthcare organization probably would have taken us six months. With Grooper, we were able to get the entire product all done, with the integration, in six weeks.”

President and COO at
a Computer Software Company

“We are ecstatic about how well Grooper works on our billing system. We have a customer that submitted a bill with 12,000 lines. These lines totaled over $6,000,000 in fees that needed to be audited.

It took just over 1 minute to process every line, and match up against the total. This would have taken close to 2 hours before, and days with no automation at all.

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Healthcare SaaS Payment Integrity Firm

We use Grooper for a lot of accounting purposes, and for all the different types of invoices that we process. One of the reasons we like Grooper is that we have one application built within Grooper for our whole accounting department.

It contains seven different samples of the different kind of invoices we use, depending on if it’s a travel claim, or if it’s repaying a vendor, or something else. Grooper’s able to just recognize everything. Grooper has cut down our indexing time by 70%.”

Ryan Freeman-Smith

Ryan Freeman-Smith

manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

3 Easy Invoice Processing Steps

Here is how we do it:


We analyze your documents and identify the best opportunities for automation.


We build your Grooper system in collaboration with your accounting experts.


We help you save time, so your team can get their 40-hour work week back.

So, contact us today! Or in the meantime, download our free ‘Cheat Sheet to Invoice Automation Software.’

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Enterprise Invoice Automation that Puts You in Control

  • Unlimited data capture – no limits on data capture fields
  • Built-in integrations with content management systems like Box.com, ApplicationXtender, SharePoint, etc.
  • Integrate with your invoice management / accounting system
  • Handwriting recognition for signatures and manual notations
  • Deep approval workflows route invoices with your business rules
  • Full visibility into how data is identified and extracted
  • Secure data integration within your protected infrastructure
  • Lock box services available in our SOC 2 Type 2 secured facility
  • Paper invoices or virtually any format of electronic invoice

Compare Other AP Automation Software to Grooper – The Big Picture

Because Grooper is an enterprise-wide tool that leverages AI, machine learning and intelligent document processing, it expands to all departments within your organization. Grooper AI is used to accelerate AP workflows in accounting and in many other use cases and departments.

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Use-cases include:

  • Healthcare claims processing
  • Contract analysis
  • Image processing / cleanup on poorly scanned documents
  • B2B data transformations
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Detecting / cleaning protected information for compliance, etc.

Why Choose an AP Automation Software that Does Not Scale to Any Document or Data in Your Organization?

Adopting Grooper means less overall technology is needed in your organization, less technical debt, and more focus on the things that matter. Put the accounting department at the center of your organization’s automation journey.

Integrate with robotic process automation bots, OCR invoice tools, and create next-gen innovations that save your organization from being disrupted. The AP automation benefits are endless.

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AP Automation FAQs:

What is AP Automation?

Accounts payable automation (AP automation) is a technology solution used by accounting departments and bookkeepers to automate accounts payable invoicing processes. AP automation systems streamline manual work like PO matching, invoice processing and payment reconciliation through optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

As a result, AP automation software helps organizations increase efficiency and accuracy of the AP department, get more visibility into their financial information, and save time and costs by eliminating paper and numerous manual tasks.
Most of the time, this sort of automation deals with receiving, capturing and coding invoices.

Some AP automation software additionally streamline more complicated AP workflows and help accounts manage huge amounts of supplier invoices and financial closings.

The most advanced AP automation software will even assist in communicating within AP teams and in other departments by using invoices as a collaboration device to improve control in the procure-to-pay process. The best systems can also capture and extract any invoice data field without needing zonal OCR and can capture data from anywhere on a financial document while maintaining very high accuracy.

The best systems can also seamlessly integrate with accounting software, ERP systems, or other content management systems.

How does AP automation software improve supplier / vendor management?

Automation improves the supplier invoice approval process through rapid and accurate data capture. Having the correct data much more quickly cuts down on late payments and improves relationships with suppliers. If there are any errors made by the supplier, they are realized faster and will not delay the process near as much as with systems that rely on manual data entry – or on systems that do not reliably capture accurate data.

AP automation improves procurement processes through delivering more data for better insight into future purchases. This can boost identity fraud and find any suppliers that are not complying with company policy, contracted terms, or relationships that need more attention.

Does AP Automation software integrate with ERP or accounting systems?

Yes. Grooper’s accounts payable software does not replace your accounting system but integrates data and document data like no other solution, so we offer integrations to easily integrate with a company’s accounting, financial, or ERP system.

Concerning enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), it is important to overcome obstacles between business units to gain visibility into cash flow and the whole enterprise’s workflow efficiency. Our Payables Automation solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with any system.

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