Transparent AI is critical to producing trustworthy data. When intelligent technology is trusted for data extraction, transparency is not optional.

Manage every aspect of your data capture environment from a simple design interface.

Inspect and unit-test each component of extraction processes easily – before going into production.

Fast and Safe Testing

Try different OCR technology, test individual pages in a batch, and immediately examine results from three views that simplify the process of ensuring accurate OCR across your document collections.

transparent ai data platform

Atomic RegEx Simulator

Craft your Atomic RegEx patterns while viewing sample pages, and instantly see results as you type. When multiple results are found, toggle through each result, and Grooper highlights the document where the match was found.

NLP Training

Show Grooper examples of data you want to extract and watch as built-in natural language processing algorithms produce growing confidence scores. Grooper transparent AI testers show you the features being learned to help you understand the basis for AI decision-making.

grooper design studio

Transparent AI Data Review

Simulate the exact experience your end-users will get in data review after information has been extracted from documents.

Tab through fields in the AI data reviewer, make corrections, test validation logic, and see how well your data extraction model is working compared to pre-trained document samples.

Redaction Previews

Toggle redaction mode on and off to ensure your data will be de-identified to a satisfactory level in production.

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